Logbook entry

Feng Jingyi / 13 Nov 3304

I was doing some planetary scans in an uncharted system today when my ship's sensors picked up some degraded emissions. After a threat analysis turned up nothing, I dropped out of supercruise to discover a shipwreck. It looked like it might have been a fairly small ship. It's hard to tell from how much of it was left, though. I want to believe the crew and passengers made it to the escape pods and were rescued, but I don't think they did.

More than that, I hope whatever happened to them doesn't happen to me. They were pretty close to the star so they probably just overheated, but it's hard to not get a little nervous. Feels like you can't swing a stick without hitting a news story about a new Thargoid attack somewhere... Wang Yi isn't built for combat. She's not even really built for running away. I'm a sitting duck out here if someone... or something wanted to attack me. Not that they'd find anything of value.

I'm going to send a message to my parents when I get to Eagle's Landing, let them know I'm alright and everything. I've moved away from that system just in case. I'll drop out of supercruise here while I get some sleep.

CMDR Feng Jingyi signing out.
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