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Varancar / 13 Nov 3304

After that little trip down memory lane a few days back, it sort of got me thinking and itching to explore a little, to get some of that passion that got me into space back. I should take a little risk. Not too much. Not too crazy.

I mean, I'm piloting a small cargo hauler with little defence to speak of. It's outfitted to do one job - haul cargo. I don't have weapons to take down hostile. I don't have some fancy scanners or any mining lasers to speak off. Just cargo space, and um, a messy ship.

So. I randomly pick a system, did some research on my trading computer and trade goods there. This went on for a number of star systems, ever reaching further and further out. It was kinda fun. At the same time, I'm starting to feel a little bit uneasy. Star map details are getting sparse, goods and services are getting limited.

With a minimally kitted ship like mine, I thought that maybe I should just turn back. Pondering this for a short while, I started to punch some coordinates in my navigation system with the intention to retrace my steps back to my comfy little space of the Galaxy.

Then, I suddenly got interdicted by the Imperial Navy on my way to the Mainani system. Things happened quickly after that and I somehow got pressed into service. Apparently they needed someone just like me to covert courier missions while maintaining cover as a freelance trader.

The irony didn't escaped me. I'm back to where I started. A courier boy.

Do you like it?

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