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Michael Zhoa / 13 Nov 3304
Far From Home

Vela Dark Region DL-Y d91, Nov. 11, 3304.

After a couple of inquiries into Canonn's database, I have found myself making a trip into the Vela Dark Region. With the threat of the Thargoids looming large and the trail of scorched stations carving their way into the heart of the bubble, I went out to find one Guardian Structures mentioned in the archives aboard the Rocinante, a Diamondback Explorer-class vessel. 

Planetfall had been made on a barren, rocky world with hardly any gravity, designated 5 A. Following the database's coordinates, I was able to locate a Bear-type Guardian structure. It had an eerie feel to it: Abandoned, yet still alive. 
Navigating through the ruins of this ancient civilization aboard an SRV, the old structure responded to my arrival, almost like it was awakening from an ancient slumber. Pylons and towers rose from the ground with a deep rumble, the remaining electrical feedback that shortened out my signal from time to time did so in an almost melodical manner. Ancient obelisks came to life, casting a mysterious blue light across the grounds as they whispered of times long forgotten. 

The aforementioned pylons and towers seemingly worked hand in hand and were both receptive to the Scarab's plasma repeaters which breathed energy into the Guardian edifice. Combined with a high-energy relic hidden within the towers, a brightly glowing orb rose from the heart of the site, laden with energy that powered its ascent. Once it had risen, the sphere hovered in place, unlocking it's spinning shell to reveal a complex energy field underneath. To my surprise, this ancient technology, which seemed to surpass even the wildest dreams of the brightest minds of our generation, turned out to be a scannable data node. I was rewarded with a raw data blueprint for a weapon, and an assault from the reawoken defense mechanisms guarding the site. 

I am most curious what wonders this newfound data will produce, once I have made it back into civilized space.

CMDR Michael Zhoa, signing off.
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CMDR Michael Zhoa
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13 Nov 3304
Far From Home
Michael Zhoa
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