Logbook entry

Mo Ronik / 18 Nov 3304
Cyberian Exploration - Where'd They Go?

Not complaining but I buzzed around my cluster all day and not one single interdiction attempt. Unusual to say the least but I'll take it. I did a combination of hauling rich passengers, tourists, refugees and stacked data deliver on top of it. Maybe it was the aide workers I hauled that left me untouched. Dunno. No matter, I made good money and decided to splurge and get bigger shields for MSS Fang so she's a little less vulnerable now. I did some tweaking on my other ships in the fleet but I still don't have the credits for the big motors for MSS Dusty. The money is coming in albeit very slowly and hopefully I'll have her decked out comfortable to do some trading. My home system has a couple of planetary bases in need of many things so I'll take some time and help supply them. I'll make a few coins in the process but not a lot. Sometimes it's not all about the money.

Found some old music in the store here at the station so I picked some up along with a freshly cleaned chicken. Made up some of that tasty Carolina vinegar based barbeque sauce and had a chicken pickin good time with some knee slappin tunes in the background. One of the station maintenance workers joined me for a bit and we talked about this and than. He had to get back to some repair and I needed to clean up MSS Fang from a day's work. Amazing the trash people leave behind in the passenger cabins. It's always good to be at the home port and I think folks here are starting to remember me...
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