Logbook entry

Mo Ronik / 26 Nov 3304
Cyberian Exploration - I Found Stuff

I found stuff on one of the planets in my home system so yayy to me. Picked up a bunch of stuff so now I have to figure out what to do with it. I know I'll need materials when I visit the engineers but I don't have a list yet of what I have and what I need. Today was just figuring out how to actually do it. Hodo did great and MSS Proteles just sat there like a mother hen watching her youngin play in the rocks. That was actually quite fun.

I decided I needed to fatten up my bank account a little and push harder to get MSS Dusty ready for her mining debut. I swapped out the guns for some mining lasers, rearranged the internals some and bought the necessary mining equipment. Still need the big motors but I had some credit money from the swap outs so that helped. I hauled some aide workers over to the Ross 754 system and promptly got interdicted. That dang escape vector took me into the planet and dropped me out of super cruise. I waited till the motors cooled down and jumped back heading towards the station thinking someone would chase me but nope, clear sailing. When I got there I cleaned out the cabins and took some refugees to a less dangerous system. They sure seemed glad I came along and had the space to carry them. One of the older ladies... I say older but she was more my age and I could tell she was a worried grandmother, came to chat with me on the way. She told me about how the soldiers where rough with everyone herding them around the station but when the soldiers got called away for something and they were able to get to the passenger lounge. She brought me cookies. Got them safe and sound to their new home and hopefully they'll have a happy life. I'm gonna spend the night here and give MSS Fang the once over before heading out tomorrow.
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