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Varancar / 04 Dec 3304
Expedition Exodus: Exploration Log 2

A Journal of the Preceedings on the Tranquility, a Voyage toward Bernard's Loop, by Commander Varancar
Wear and tear on the ship was getting to a level where it would not be safe to continue. Miscalculations that made me jumped too close to the star didn't help either.

I contemplated continuing the journey outward as far I can until the ship could no longer fly. After all, isn't that what started to exodus in the first place?

Strangely, the suicidal thoughts of just wanting to get away from it all have faded quite significantly. I dare say I have some semblance rationality back. I think this journey has done me some good. It made me realised that there is so much out there that I don't know about. So many mysteries. So many breathtaking sights to see and stellar phenomenon to experience.

I took one last look out at Bernard's Loop and started to chart my way back to the bubble. I decided not to retrace my steps, but to plot a different route back, hoping to squeeze out every last potential of exploration out of the Tranquility.

This part of the log therefore charts the way back to the bubble from Synuefe GN-R d5-14, commencing with the jump to the first system of the return trip, HIP 22687.

Log 2: HIP 22687 to Synuefe HR-V c18-5
Notable Occurrences, Observations and Discoveries On Board the Tranquility

Synuefe IY-P d6-8 A total of 58 celestial bodies was found in the system. An asteroid belt separates the G Class with its 12 planets. There are moons orbiting other moons in this system. That is a fairly rare sight. Ammonia-based life was detected on the gas giant Synuefe IY-P d6-8 9.

Synuefe CA-Z c16-7 Triple star system. The primary component is a giant star with a stellar classification of K. The secondary and tertiary components are Class M stars which orbit around each other. There are four asteroid belts in the system which appears to be ideal for long term mining operations.

An interesting feature of this system is while there are planetary objects orbiting the second and third star respectively, there are there circumbinary planets orbiting both stars at the same time, with one of the planets having its own moon. The intricate dance between all these celestial objects are fascinating stuff.

Degraded emissions were detected in the system. Investigation yielded a Small Survey Data Cache.

Flight Log
24/11/3304HIP 2268725.69 Ly
24/11/3304Synuefe YG-P b24-122.47 Ly
24/11/3304Synuefe CN-N b25-025.62 Ly
24/11/3304Synuefe QW-F c13-124.37 Ly
24/11/3304Synuefe IY-P d6-820.42 Ly
25/11/3304Synuefe TC-E c14-218.45 Ly
25/11/3304Synuefe TC-E c14-525.19 Ly
25/11/3304Synuefe RB-F b30-123.04 Ly
25/11/3304Synuefe LE-O d7-3425.56 Ly
25/11/3304Synuefe YN-B b32-124.24 Ly
25/11/3304Synuefe YT-A c16-025.75 Ly
26/11/3304Synuefe ZY-Z b32-118.64 Ly
26/11/3304Synuefe CA-Z c16-724.13 Ly
27/11/3304Synuefe GL-W b34-021.49 Ly
27/11/3304Synuefe GG-X c17-824.91 Ly
27/11/3304Synuefe NX-S b36-120.61 Ly
27/11/3304Synuefe HR-V c18-526.03 Ly
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