Logbook entry

Extremofire / 27 Nov 3304
State of the Legion; "Praetor Deployed to Distant Sector"

Article from "State of the Legion", internal Lavigny's Legion newsletter. 26 Nov, 3304.

Praetor Ignis "Extremo" Montis has coordinated with the New Carthage Cartographic Institute (NCCI) to investigate some anomalous Hawking radiation and radio signals emanating from the Foewls region near the galactic core.

A logbook, which we have obtained permission to post, reads:

"I have chartered a group of five skilled Legion cartographic scientists, led by the charismatic senior scientist Hunter Bond. He was recommended personally by Director Cippus on New Carthage, and as such I have brought him aboard. Our mission is to further investigate the radio emissions and radiation signatures in the Foewls Sector. Our expedition was cut short due to a call-to-arms within Lavigny's Legion, which required that my previous scientists be recalled to Carthage. Now, our numerous systems prosper, and I have determined we have ample time to scour the sector."

The expedition description, which is public on NCCI comms platforms, states that the LLV Oculus is chartered to investigate 458 likely sources of Hawking radiation and radio waves, indicative of black holes. However, it is acknowledged there are some unusual frequencies in both wave readings that are inconsistent with natural readings. As sensor logs are very basic at a distance of 20,000 light years, often producing text-only documents, the Oculus is being sent to gather detailed data. It will also the standard Imperial cartographic mission of investigating possible habitable worlds.

Due to the diplomatic instability surrounding the Empire currently, the Office of Military Incursion has imposed upon deep-space explorers currently reporting to them a two-week limit on deep space exploration expeditions. As such, it is assumed that the Praetor will return before 10 December.
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