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Leon Falkner / 01 Dec 3304
Rogue Ops 6 - Acceptance

VY Canis Majoris
2 April 3304

The coffin was nondescript. Generic. A simple grey metal, no ID, no tracking beacon. Not even an inscription. “HUMAN REMAINS -  BIOHAZARD - DO NOT OPEN.” Written in big block capitals. Leon stared at it. His father deserved more. He deserved his burial with the rest of his crew. He deserved a Federation flag and the 21 Guns and everything he had given to others. This was the best he could give. With an awkward push, Leon maneuvered the coffin towards the fore weapons loader access hatch.

VY Canis Majoris is the largest star visible from Earth. One of the largest known in the cluster. Leon settled back into the command chair of his Asp Explorer, Appaloosa. Dad was the one who had always inspired him with all those stories of knights and cowboys. He had suggested the names. Leon breathed a ragged breath, fighting to keep the tears down. He deployed the hardpoints.

“Warning: Non Standard Munitions Detected.” The computer droned. Leon almost laughed. His right hand brushed over and flicked some switches. “Override Accepted.” Then he pushed a button on the console. Soft music filled the cabin, an orchestral dirge from long ago. His father would’ve appreciated it. Leon pulled the trigger on the missile launcher.

The payload arced toward the star, on an arcing orbit. It would sail in through the corona and be reduced to plasma. Leon watched it fade from view, then as the blip on the scanner slowly became a signal ghost and then disappeared entirely.

“Bye, Dad.” He said placing his hand on the cockpit glass. The tears came unbidden and unwelcome. He had no idea how long he was there, staring through the viewport at the star. After a time, he noticed the blinking light still pulsing on the comms panel. With a final glance towards the point where he lost contact with the missile, Leon opened the communications.

“CMDR.” The letter began. “Your ships have been moved from storage to a station we believe would be helpful for your future endeavors. We have confirmed the completion of your delivery. We have also forwarded your contact info to some like minded contacts. We thank you for your assistance and look forward to monitoring your work in future. Imperial Internal Security.”

The second letter confirmed the transport of his ships to somewhere near a star designated “Carthage”. The transport fees were waived or otherwise accounted for.

The third letter was more formal and made Leon read through it four times. He couldn’t believe what he was reading.

“Commander Falkner.

Greetings from the Legion Office of Military Operations,

We would like to congratulate you as your recommendation and application to Lavingy’s Legion has been processed and we would like to offer the position of Legionnaire as a pilot in the Emperor’s personal fleet.

It is not often that we receive applications recommended by Internal Security. We have reviewed your record of service within Federal, Imperial and independant space and have determined that your experience would be a great asset, best utilized in service reporting to the royal Lavingy family. Our Consul, Admiral Lucius Lavingy expresses personal interest in your recent actions in service of the Empire.

This position is the Imperial Navy is contingent on you completing the necessary coursework at the Logistacae Academy, a short interim of study at the Legion Main Campus on Aeneas, New Carthage as well as shadowing other Legionnaires in the field.

Please proceed to the Legion headquarters in Aeneas to formally begin your pledging to our service. It is recommended to bring some personal artifacts, as you will be provided with living quarters until termination of your duties within the Legion. Instructions on navigation to campus have been attached to this transmission.

Prima Justicia,
Praetor Ignis “Extremofire” Montis
528th Legion (“Lavingy’s Legion”), Imperial Navy of the Empire of Achenar.”

The Percheron drifted for some time. Leon stared at the letter, dumbfounded.

He could do something now. Not revenge, but really help people. Make sure that what happened to his father and himself never happened again.


“Do you accept the position ? -- Y/N” The message read.

Leon hit Yes. The coordinates to a star near Achenar were programmed into his ships nav computer. “Carthage”.

“We look forward to seeing you, Initiate. Prima Justicia.” The course was set. Leon primed the hyperdrive. The vector opened and swept the ship away. Right before witchspace enveloped him, Leon saw a small burst of light as something small and fast impacted the star.
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