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Jayhalden / 02 Dec 3304
FDL Explorer.

December 02 3304

It has been a week now since I made the mistake of selling my Krait MkII and buying The Fer-De-lance. My poor memory doesn't help me know why I did it, but in the fashion of myself I have seen it as a challenge. I was broke and alone in the Muth System. The Fer-De-Lance (FDL) had less then 10 LY and a tiny fuel tank. I was stuck in Muth with 100 Credits. Seeing this as a new beginning I started to work in system with a weak FDL, and gathered credits until I was able to buy a better Frameshift Drive and weapons. All decked out I pointed my nose away from Muth and slowly puttered around the Bubble collecting Credits.

Skip to November 28th 3304, and I had a fuel scoop a large tank and was planning to go out to see some of the Guardian space. Why was I doing this? I had forgotten, but the idea of having a FDL decked out for exploration seemed to be at the forefront of my mind. I already had it at 18 LY, and I flew. My first stop was a Guardian Beacon in IC 2391 Sector MX-T b3-6. I quickly learned though that I needed a Cargo bay which I had switched for a fuel tank at the beginning of my journey. Looking quickly I found the closest station was New Gatherings in The Pencil Sector. Now refitted, I took off for the next closest Beacon;  Synuefe CS-H d11-121. I did the task, watched it move, and got the key only to realized the Beacons are how you get the Fighters. Defeated I returned to New Gatherings and after some research I found the site which would give me the Guardian FSD Booster! Taking off my shield and equipping a SRV I took off.

The Site itself was hard to land on and over the next couple days I returned there often to gather materials. Nearly destroying my ship from hitting walls, I finally had gathered enough. I also came across 4 different CMDRs at the site. Each seemed nice even though one fired upon my ship but I am sure it was a mistake. Finally ready, I made the 900LY journey back to the bubble and into Angurongo's Dahm Port. Now int he bubble I upgraded my FSD, and found out I need HN Shocks. That is my current objective as I soar around in my FDL preparing to make it an exploration ship. Current Jump? 24 LYs.

CMDR Jayhalden Signing out.
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CMDR Jayhalden
13 Mar 3305
Back into Black
02 Dec 3304
FDL Explorer.
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