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29erSavoy / 04 Dec 3304
SCV Dawn's Horizon, expeditionary log 3304 December 04

This is the beginning of the log entries for senior pilot 2_9erSavoy, Chief Xeno Officer of Spearhead Charter and pilot of the explorer vessel SCV Dawn's Horizon. The navigation route planned will take me to Colonia, Sag A and then ultimately Beagle Point on the outer rim of the galaxy. Along the way I hope to make new discoveries and find yet uncharted systems en-route  to the outer rim. My ship was at one time used in the war against the encroaching Thargoid threat, and has seen many hours of use. However, I am confident in her durability and dependability to see me thru this expedition. She's been retro fitted with Advanced system and surface scanners, a twin SRV bay for planetary exploration, expanded fuel cells, and a few other necessities. The cargo bay has been converted into make shift quarters and small kitchen with enough food stores for an extended journey. I left dock around 0600 and have been traveling now for only a little while but have already stumbled upon 4 uncharted regions. With high hopes and expectations I shall continue onward with my endeavors tomorrow. For now, I shall retire for the night........End Log.
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