Logbook entry

Jav Marlo / 04 Dec 3304


30 NOV 3304 Irkutsk (Alioth)

Finally, after tens of transport and courier missions for the Alioth Independents, I got my permit to fly to the system Alioth. At last, I was going to visit the beating heart of the Alliance of Independent Systems. Epsilon Ursae Majoris, the white giant star. The disputed system. Coveted by both, the Federation and the Empire. Ilegal to visit for the majority of pilots and factions. And what was most important for me, headquarters of the Alliance Assembly and the Council of Admirals.

My father was flying a secret mission for the Alliance Defence Force when he disappeared in the Merope system four years ago. His ship was found adrift and he was given for dead, is all the explanation I got. The corpse was never found though. Well, I have travel a long way to be here, and I need some answers. The Council of Admirals commands the Alliance Defence Force. Their headquarters are in Garden City in Turner’s World. I need to go there, but it is not going to be easy. Getting the permit to Alioth was the easy part. Now, with all this madness about the terrorists of the League of Reparation, the security around Garden City is adamant and nobody gets there without an invitation. I need to figure out what to do. In the meantime, I will try to keep a low profile as I was recommended, and get friend with the local factions.

My current ship the Electra, a modified Cobra MkIII, is a little bit blatant to fly to Alioth avoiding attention, so I have bought a Type 6 Transport in Sheddon City in 78 Ursae Majoris System. I call my new ship the Pallas, like the mythological giant, because it is my first medium sized ship and I have outfitted it to carry 100 tons of cargo. Time to do some transport missions, the real profitable ones.

The Pallas in Irkutsk in Alioth

So here I am now. In Alioth at last. Taking transport missions for all the factions related with the Alliance and visiting all its space stations, from Donaldson to Irkutsk. I hope that if I work for them enough time, I can build a reputation here, enough for the Alliance to consider me an ally. Maybe then they will admit me in Garden City. So I spend all my time moving food cartridges, medicines, hydrogen fuel and biowaste between the remote outposts of the Alioth surrounding systems. Some of the factions I work for have noticed that I have quite an acceptable combat profile, so they offer me some assassination and bounty hunting missions, but I decline them all. I am keeping a low profile now. Quite a change after being hunting pirates in the Pleiades and running away from the Thargoids.  

Jav Marlo signing out.
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