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Ravos Longknife / 05 Dec 3304
Diverted to L.L.G. Landra One.

5 December, 3304. 0253 LOCAL
Tavares Point, Elysia

<begin recording>

As soon as I jumped into Elysia, I was pinged by the Nav Beacon with instructions to divert to L.L.G. Landra One, no explanation why or when I could return to Tavares Point. I'm guessing they've already figured out what's going on. Regardless, before I docked at Landra One, I sent a data packet to Tavares Point with all the Intel I discovered as well as my thoughts on the situation.

Anyway, I've been sitting here in the hanger for a few hours, I'm tired of waiting, so I'll probably see if there are any available assignments I can take, the Cred would be nice, plus it will help my standing in the 10th, maybe even promote me from prospect to full legionary. Ah...we'll see. [climbing off of bunk and putting boots on] I guess I'll see whats up around here.

<recording stopped by user>
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<begin recording>

I guess the Legion is stepping up their combat patrolling in its occupied systems. I just got back from some search and destroy contracts for rogue pilots and a few pirate "lords", ever since I added that beam laser on the fore hard point, It has been incredibly easy to slice through shields. Almost makes me feel sorry for the poor bastards, but I at least got paid rather well. I got paid even better for the few courier missions I did, nothing too harsh, just some data. I did however get interdicted by someone named "Orzhova" during one stent in Rajito. He didn't say much, just who he was and that he was sent to kill me.

That's when I realized I was up against a Python and my shields weren't worth squat against his lasers. I tried fighting him off, and even with some help from system authorities he still managed to bang me up pretty bad. I swear, it was like out of all 5 ships engaged with him, mine included, no one managed to scratch his paint. I finally sad screw it and jump the hell out of there and made it to the nearest station. [audible sigh]

Whatever man, this is getting old really quick. I know I'm still pretty new to the navy and the legion, but I'm ready to retire...

OH! On my way back to Elysia I stopped a Schmidt Port and bought an ASP Scout. I figured that I would make a better exploration boat than the Dauntless, I love her, but the "Dirty D" can't jump more than 19Ly without a boost. The scout can jump 27Ly with no load with how I had her outfitted. I'm thinking about adding a passenger cabin, maybe try my hand at being a taxi, [loud chuckle] yeah, that'll never happen. Maybe once I'm out of the navy...[trailing off}.

I'm tired, I need sleep and I'm just getting dropped off at my apartment on TP. Oh, that reminds me, they locked down Tavares Point because an Imperial Officer found evidence of a sleeper sedition cell on the station with plans to the stations main reactor core...one can only imagine what they were planning with that kind of information.

I'm honestly starting to re-think my decision to enlist...

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////initiate sub-routine: baker





////\\\\***NOVA IMPERIUM***////\\\\

////breaking incription codex


////codex accessed successfully

////extracting data: c/:core/INV/DAUNTLESS/systems/comm/encryption/codex/ZED.api

////compiling data...


////data compiled: 23Tb - INV_ENCRYPT_CODEX.zip




////sent: Tavares_Point_ext-comms_relay12_TS

////PING BACK: Received by NI-Cloak [Class: Adder]

//////terminating subroutine

////exiting back-door


////initiate terminal data wipe.

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