Logbook entry

Markus Vance / 05 Dec 3304
Dangerous Territory

It's been years since I formally renounced my affiliation with the Federation, and while I do miss home at times, the freedom to live by my own ethos is something I wouldn't give up again for anything. I left Erannin ages ago and made a small fortune as a data analyst for Veblen City in the Kuk system. My new ship, the Trimaxion β is proving to be the best investment I've made in years. She's a bit on the noisy side and has a hefty hull, but she flies like a dream, and has more than enough space for my day-to-day running. Spacious too. On cruise, you'd be hard-pressed to feel crowded in here.

I've taken up in Alliance space in the last few months, and Edmund Mahon's approach to governance does seem to suit me just fine. Live and let live, peace through prosperity. I've maintained a few of my Federation contacts to keep in the loop (GalNet isn't the whole story, anyone who spends time in the black knows that), and they tell me big things have been brewing in the Empire lately. A high-profile assassination last week seems to have set the previously at-odds factions in unison, which begs the question, why?

Speaking of the Empire...

I watched an envoy pull into Veblen a week or so ago and had a chance to look over the Imperial Courier close up. It's a slick ship. Beautiful curves, well manufactured. I know it's a waste of money (and probably time), but I may just venture into Imperial territory and make a friend or two. Who knows? Maybe I'll find a new trade route in need of a top-notch data analyst. If there's money to be made, maybe I can expense that Courier I've been eyeing...
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