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ZethG / 07 Dec 3304
Argument at The Gagarin Gate

System : Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31

We have arrived at Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31 and dropped to Nav Beacon to gather system information. While I was scaning the beacon, there was a security officer scanning us too. I didn't care because everything was legal, all permits are up to date etc. But while we were preparing to left the beacon, I had a private message from Mr. Lawerence Bullock and Kraig Ellis. They were quite angry about us to be scanned. Tryed to calm them down for nothing was serious about it because we are at a remote location, they didn't want to reason with it.

Yes! The contract dictates that we shouldn't be scanned. It was absolutely my mistake, but it is also a long flight. You do forget things sometimes. Both of them wanted to leave at the station.

Now we are docked at the Gagarin Gate on planet 4, and they both are leaving their quarters. I even tried to help them find a charter to Cubeo, it seems they don't want it eighter. They are still quite angry. As they both leave now, one of our destination became unnecessary. So, we will be visiting our final destination The Evil eye for Darell Dennis, and return to Capital after that.

Ship is still able to fly with some minor malfunctions, but some modules are almost complately fried. Repair station is asking for 600K for repairs. I looked for an AFM module, even a used one would do but it is like a precious stone around here. Noone wants to sell it. Repairs will take a while, so we will be staying and enjoying station facilities for tonight.

To return in scheduled time, I will keep on using the Neutron stars on the way after the repairs. I checked the route again to see how many are there. It doesn't seem much. I will check the return route when we get there, and if there are too many, I may visit the colonia to find an AFM there.

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