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Markus Vance / 07 Dec 3304

Trusting my gut pays the bills. I dropped by Mant after wrapping my business with Mainani and boy am I glad I did! There was, indeed, a derelict ship on one of the moons on the outer rim of the system. It took some time to locate, but my mysterious benefactor was spot on with his info. I set down just beyond typical scanner range just to be cautious and drove out in my scarab to investigate. The site was vacant, and it must have been down for some time. Nothing moving out there but a few guardian skimmers that I made quick work of.

Once the site was secure, I pulled the ship's only remaining terminal up and set my data recovery suite to work. I was not prepared for the glut of data I recovered.

This must have been a returning frigate. There were several million credits worth of scan data sitting on that terminal. That's just what I was able to salvage as the drives were on the verge of failure, but from the manifests, it's clear this ship had some miles on it.

As I cleaned up the crash site, my suite gave me another unpleasant surprise; the last transmission from the ship before impact.

"...came out of nowhere! Can't shake..."

Not what I wanted to hear. What's more, there were tons of resources and personal effects strewn about. Good for S&R, but this clearly wasn't pirates. Maybe the Thargoids are closer than I thought...
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CMDR Markus Vance
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