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ZethG / 09 Dec 3304
The Evil Eye

System : Eorgh Prou BA-A g1432

Just before the jump, I have contacted Commander Unbendible to ask him to join us. He is still working on his Imperial Cutter near Maia system. I asked him many times before to join me, but he insisted to stay and finish his project IC Mark 3 as he calls it. I saw the blueprints before, he is doing amazing work on that Imperial Cutter, but it takes too much time and effort. Anyway, I promised him that, if I make it to Evil Eye, I would invite him to witness at least with telepressence. When the connection got stable we jumped.

This is it... Our final destination on this journey. The infamous Evil Eye. At first there was this empty blackness, but we saw the galactic horizon started warping as we aproach. It took me a while to get to the best scenery point, but Mr. Darrel was so happy at the end. After we took some pictures with Cmdr Unbendible, he left and I let Mr. Darrel to finish his scans and reports and rested in my quarters for 2 hours.

When it was over we also visit the beacon from Commander Evoflash. He was saying if we aproach from a certain angle we could see the black hole as an evil eye. I found the spot and also aproach from that point. We took some photos there too, but somehow they are deleted or the photo drone malfunctioned on the second run. I can't find the images anywhere.

Now we are on our way to Colonia. Here are some other pictures we uploaded to Galactic Image Library.


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