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ZethG / 10 Dec 3304
Evil Neutron "The Star That Almost Killed Me"

System : Prae Eaec FK-R d4-79

I have been piloting spacecraft since I got my first Sidewinder at my younger years. I piloted almost every ship ever built. And since then, I maybe scooped more than a thousand neutron stars.

Today the worst thing ever could happen, just happened. I am in the middle of nowhere, far away from home, and using this evil stars carefully to go back home faster. But this one almost got me. It doesn't matter how a good pilot you are, it doesn't care. It wants to kill you, with its mesmerising jet and every trick they have. And believe me they don't play fair.

I aproached it just like the every other neutron star, and supercharged my fsd. When it was time to fly away, it didn't let me go. I did almost every maneuvre I know. We were just captured with the jet and started to swing with its motion. Not able to go forward or any other direction. Just swinging. "This damned thing liked us so much." I said, as I was strugling with the controller. Then I left fighting with it. There is no way winning a fight against a star right...

Noone can save us from this situation. It is not something like refueling, or repairing the damaged hull. So there were no need to call any backup, or there were no backup to call eighter. Its just what I was thinking hopelessly. Ship was taking internal module damages, signals and red lights on every module, on every button I look at. I was preparing to say goodbye and sorry to the crew and the passengers. I pushed the button and dropped to normal space.

Opened the module window to check how much time we have left, depending on module integrity. Modules are constantly getting damaged from the neutron jet. Heatsink overcharged... FSD overcharged... Thrusters malfunctioning... And the swing started to make me dizzy.  Than I saw it.. The fraking star turned my FSD off... Is this even possible? It seems, it is... I turned it back on, hoping to get away from it. Opened the left panel and choose the first target I see, other than the star itself. Hit the FSD, and it started heating up. But the star, still doesn't want us to go away. After maybe 30 seconds I managed to keep the ship steady for a brief moment and supercruise sequence started. I was still not sure if it would work, but it did! Yes! We are alive...

Now we will check the modules and repair the damaged ones. And I will remember this one as "the star that almost killed me".

PS: Attached img is not from the actual star.

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