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Jav Marlo / 18 Dec 3304


16 DEC 3304 Bruce Prospect (Avik)

I am exhausted. I have run tens of missions during the last week and travelled all around The Bubble, from Alliance space to the Empire territory. I have been chased, interdicted and attacked more times that I can count. I have worked for the Empire, the Eurybia Blue Mafia and I have sell illegal commodities in the black market. And all of this for a scanty pay. I just hope that in the end all this effort will be worth it.

Since I decided to contribute to the AEDC efforts and stablished myself at Hamilton Gateway in Wolf 406, I have been trying to build a reputation with the local Alliance factions, mostly flying missions for the Wolf 406 Transport & Co. After the usual petty transport missions, where the Electra showed again its capabilities for avoiding interdictions, soon I was charged with less legitimate tasks, like illegal recoveries operations, and trespassing surface installations for spying.

Jav Marlo spying the Asire Legacy base camp in Wolf 397

I even was charged with disabling the turrets of a Dionysus-class Cropper megaship in system Wolf 504, alas I had not enough fire power to accomplish the task and had to run away when the local authorities appeared. All these adventures, plus the fact that almost all factions in Wolf 406 are currently at war, made me thought that I may need more fire power in the future.

The Electra in front of the Dionysus-class Cropper megaship in Wolf 504

I have been observing the ships the veteran Commanders of the Pilots Federation fly. They are big and expensive. I cannot afford them right now. But the most important thing, it is that those ships have been heavily modified. When Commander Oedifastus knocked me down several weeks ago in the Pleiades, he was flying a huge Federal Corvette that was able to outrun my superfast Viper Mk III. How could this be possible. Every module of my Viper, the Achilles, was A-rated, and a Federal Corvette matched my speed. That was not a conventional ship.

There is a group of reclusive mechanics, scientists and tinkerers with huge resources that call themselves the Engineers. Felicity Farseer is one of them. They offer to modify the ships of the independent pilots. Of course, most of these modifications are experimental, not guaranteed by safety regulations and, in most cases, illegal; but with them a civil vessel can outperform comparable military-spec ships. The problem is that those engineers live in their own bases, have different allegiances and are not willing to receive visitors without an invitation. Besides, I learned from Farseer that these modifications do not come cheap. Different materials are required, and some of them are very rare and difficult to find.

I have equipped my Cobra, the Electra, with a collector limpet controller, and starting to explore the surrounding systems looking signals of derelict ships to collect crafting materials. I also have landed in many planets looking for different minerals to gather with my SRV. I have visited Felicity Farseer and improved significantly the jump range of the Electra, and installed a dirty drives modification in my thrusters that allows me to boost over 500 meters per second.

The Electra collecting materials from a derelict Anaconda in Wolf 406

After my visit to Farseer Inc. I decided to hear the invitation of Tod “The Blaster” McQuinn, a former bounty hunter and CQC Arena champion with an expertise in kinetic weapons. He just respects bounty hunters, so I stopped in the nav bouy of Wolf 397, where his base of Trophy Camp is, and waited patiently until a wanted ship arrived. I needed to collect some bounty vouchers to prove my combat abilities to “The Blaster”. Several minutes later, a Krait Phantom appeared. I scanned the ship and saw that if belonged to one of the local criminal organizations. It was a very difficult prey, much superior in fire power, but I was able to handle myself in the combat thanks to my superior maneuverability until the local defense force came in my aid. That was it. A big a juicy bounty voucher worth more than 100.000 credits. Enough to impress “The Blaster”.

After Tod “The Blaster” McQuinn had tinkered with my multi-cannons, I decided to go to system Wyrd, to pay a visit to The Dweller, a mysterious figure of the underworld, with deep knowledge of thermal weapons and power distributors. Reaching him was easier than expected. Due to my activity collecting materials from derelict ships, I found also too many times commodities crates that I sold in the local black markets. These contacts in the black markets told me about the location of The Dweller’s base, Black Hide. Once there, The Dweller just asked for 500.000 credits to access his services. We talked and he suggested that I should modify my pulse lasers for long range engagements, so I can keep a safe distance with my opponents while inflicting damage at the same time.

My next stop was the system Khun, where I visited Elvira Martuuk on her camp, Long Sight Base. Elvira Martuuk is a well known explorer, with expertise in frame shift drives and shield generators. She is also rumoured to have once been a deadly assassin. Better not cross paths with her. She can freeze you with a glance. I took some Soontill Relics with me, a very rare commodity Elvira is very fond of, to ease the deal. In return, she improved my shields making them more resistant to thermal damage.

From there I traveled to the system Eurybia, in order to meet an engineer called Liz Ryder, a demolition expert working for a crime syndicate known as the Blue Mafia. I had to do some missions, nothing illegal, for the Eurybia Blue Mafia before I was granted an invitation Liz Ryder’s base, Demolition Unlimited. I was also asked to brought 100 tons of landmines with me as a gift. That is a big cargo for the Electra, so I arranged for my Type 6 Transporter, The Pallas, to be transferred to the planetary port of Atiyah Relay in the Kongan system, the nearest place selling land mines. After a very stressing trip, being interdicted in every system I jumped, I was able to reach Demolition Unlimited with my cargo hold full of land mines. Once there, Liz Ryder convinced me to change my multi-cannons for seeker missile racks, and she tinkered with them to add more ammo capacity.

The Pallas in Atiyah Relay planetary port in Kongan

The Electra was becoming in quite a ship little by little. Liz Ryder suggested that I should pay a visit to Hera Tani, an old contact of her from the criminal circles. The problem is that Hera Tani only receives pilots with a reputation in the Empire. Being a fresh recruit of the AEDC and born and raised in the Alliance, the idea of working for the Empire makes me feel very uncomfortable. I looked for an imperial system as far as possible from the Alliance space and found Agartha, a nice system with a service economy and a nice fancy Coriolis starport not far from the main star, Enoch Port. I have never set foot before on an imperial station and must admit that I found it quite opulent with its gardens and promenades. Imperials may not be the champions of freedom, but they know how to make an impact on a foreigner visitor. I took a walk around the station and mingled with the locals feeling like a beggar in my flysuit. Outside the landing pads and working areas, everybody was wearing incredible flamboyant costumes and jewelry. Some of the men even carried swords. I am not sure if I crossed paths with any imperial slaves, but given the circumstances, I probably did. And if I did, I honestly could not find any difference with any other imperial citizen. And there were the women. The exotic and mysterious imperial women. So difficult to focus on my mission with so many stimuli. I took some innocent courier missions for the local factions and soon gained the rank of Outsider for the Empire. With that, and a bribe of 50 tons of Kamitra cigars that were very tedious to obtain, I gained access to Hera Tani, who dangerously overcharged my powerplant dramatically improving its capacity.

The Electra in Enoch Port in Agartha

My next contact was another former criminal, Zacariah Nemo, the leader of a small cult-like commune, the Nemo Cyber Party. Rumours say he is a genius with projectile weapons, they also say that he has a cyber-enhanced brain. Nevertheless, I took some Xihe Companions with me as a token, I have heard that he is a fanatic of robotics, and these biomorphic animal are the most realistic and exclusive robo-companions in the market. In exchange, Zacariah gave me some advice on adding some frag-cannons to my ship if I want to go bounty hunting. He also recommended I visit a partner of him, Marco Quent, a technological guru linked with the Sirius Corporation. The problem with Marco Qwent is that he is in the Sirius system, and I need a permit to go there.

So here I am now, recording this log in Bruce Prospect, an isolated outpost in the Avik system, the only station there, but near to Sirius and a discreet place to contact a representative of the Sirius Corporation. I cannot believe that there is an office of Interstellar Factors here where I will be able to clean my record. Well, as I said, it has been an exhausting week, and there is no Lavian Brandy in this forsaken place, just the insipid local ale. I want to go back to Alliance space as soon as possible. Let`s hope that all this effort will be worth it.

Jav Marlo signing out.

The Electra in Bruce Prospect in Avik
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