Logbook entry

James Barrett / 23 Dec 3304
Old friends, new beginnings (23/12/3304)

Deep Space
41 Lambda Hydrae

“Incoming priority voice message” - announced Betty just as James was about to hit the FSD button.


“Unspecified sender. Originating from T Tauri system. Distance: 608.41 light years from our location.”

Barrett set the throttle to idle and fished a small bag of whisky from behind his chair “OK, play it, lass”.

There was a series of crackles, then some white noise. Finally he heard woman’s voice and his heart raced, only to sink with the horrible feeling of guilt a few seconds later.

“James, I hope you have received this message. This is Siobhan. I heard that you were in a hospital, then you have disappeared... and then by chance I found you in Winters Wolves roster. So I am ... fine, thanks for asking. I’ve gone through my own personal hell, but I think that one is over now. I am in T Tauri, working for Taurus Mining Ventures. You would like it here: far from everyone, group of good people, and an asteroid base. Listen... I don’t want to spoil any big adventure you are currently on, but I need help. I really do. It is not good.. if you ever find some time, please come see me here, OK? There is only one station in system, you can’t miss it. OK, you probably would, unless there was some huge change in” - a sudden coughing attack interrupted the communication. When it finally stopped, Siob continued- “anyway... I need help, James. Hope to see you soon”.

“End of transmission. Should I delete it?” - a mechanical question of Celeste replaced Siobhan’s soft and tender voice.

“Nay, if ya do you’ll go straight to the digital scrapyard, lass” - he sat there for a few moments, staring into the void. He glanced on the left panel at at a list of Winters Wolves assignments. His fingers were drumming on the throttle.

“OK Betty, take us back to the Ring and put me in toch with a ship dealer. We’ll get outselves something more suitable than this little ship and then we’re going to visit T Tauri system. Ms Winter can wait a little with her  tasks”.

Sib needed help. That was all that mattered. Sib needed his help...
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