Logbook entry

Mo Ronik / 26 Dec 3304
Cyberian Exploration - Musical Chairs

Well musical chairs sort of. MSS Dusty was the name of my mining ship, a T6 that was quite capable of basic mining but with the advent of some new mining tools she's run her course. So, I had planned on converting her over to an exploration vessel but decided that what the fleet really needed was a decent cargo hauler. So, the refit and recommissioned MSS Prudence has taken the stage as the badly needed fleet cargo hauler.

Took her out for a run today and she did quite well moving the needed commodities around the cluster I run in. I got an interdiction in one haul and ended up having to submit but she kept on plugging away and we eventually got out of it. I did lose shields and took some damage but it was easily repaired at the station when I dropped off what they ordered. I guess I got too complacent with avoiding the interdictions and I'll need to pay better attention next time.

Ended up at the Pa Para system at a very distant outpost named Morgan Station. Never been here before but the folks are friendly so that's a plus. Made up a small pot of chili for dinner and now I'm gonna settle in for the night. Might make my way back home tomorrow to continue the explorer ship build I have going on. Finally got those big engines installed and they came with an even bigger price tag. I'm sure it will be worth all the effort.
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