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Markus Vance / 28 Dec 3304
New Horizons

The galaxy seems seedier by the day, but in all honesty, I'm more at home in the black than I ever was at the Academy.

I paid a visit to Elvira Martuuk recently to drop off some system data since I was in the area. She was her usual chipper self, and gave me a stern nod as she looked over the new charts I had provided her. Something must have caught her eye, because rather than her usual dismissive hand wave toward the tuning facility, she pulled her holo-companion out and gave me three sets of coordinates. She caught me off guard with that one, but did my best to hide it; Elvira wasn't one to abide weakness or inability after all.

Once our business was concluded, I lifted off and ran a few projections on the locations she had given me. Systems, obviously, but I had no idea what I was looking for. The destinations didn't seem to have anything in common, so I plotted each of them independently to see where I'd end up.

6 : -2 : -6 - Sirius

108 : -87 : 64 - Yoru

-9521 : -911 : 19,808 - Colonia

I'd hardly had time to process the data when I received a hail from a passing Fer-De-Lance. Apparently my reputation for moving freight of all types hadn't gone unnoticed. The Dweller had sent for me, and like all shadowy types out here, you don't refuse the request lightly. I obliged, hoping at the time it wouldn't lead to a blaster pointed at my gut. When I arrived in set down at Black Hide, I wasn't sure what to expect. The place was eerily quiet on approach, and hardly anyone was even in Wyrd when I dropped near it's star. Imagine my surprise when I was greeted by The Dweller himself! He seemed a jovial man, speaking with slow, paced precision. He made me a simple offer; in, or out.

Far be it for me to refuse an offer.

I paid my dues, and he brought me into the fold, as he called it. There was a much wider smuggling network out there that I was previously ignorant of, and with time, he said, I would also gain access to. Obviously the work they proposed was highly illegal, but for the right price, almost anything can sound appealing. The Dweller offered to sweeten the pot as well. Free access to his tuning facilities. Not too shabby.
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CMDR Markus Vance
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28 Dec 3304
New Horizons
Markus Vance
28 Dec 3304
Cloak and Dagger
Markus Vance
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Making Acquaintances
Markus Vance
05 Dec 3304
Dangerous Territory
Markus Vance
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