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James Barrett / 30 Dec 3304
Back to Pleiades (29/12/3304)

Medical Bay, Level C-2
Hind Mine
T Tauri, Independent System

"You wanted to see me, doc?" - James sat down uninvited in a small office opposite Dr Cole. The fans were quietly humming and the oblong lamp mounted on the ceiling flickered from time to time.  Physician looked up from his terminal and smiled.

"Ah, commander Barrett. Yes, yes I did. I have good news - the equipment you ordered has finally arrived and we have already began the tests on Miss Hudson".

"Grand. So, she'll be OK?"

"Uh... it is too early to tell" - Cole took off his glasses and carefully wiped them using flap of his duster - "We have taken some blood and tissue samples, but our facilities are not advanced enough to perform a full analysis. Therefore it would be great if you could take them to a more adequate laboratory while we finish our examinations".

"No prob, doc, will do. I'll get going right away" - James stood up but then stopped short in his tracks - "Any ideas where I should go?"

"Well, you will find the best hospitals in the bubble, obviously. But given our suspicions as to the roots of Miss Hudson's illness, which most probably is of alien origin, I would suggest some AEGIS station, perhaps somewhere in the Pleiades, where Thargoid sightings are most common".

Barrett frowned.

"I will, yeah" - he didn't particularly welcome the idea of going back to the middle of war with the aliens, but Cole was probably right. That was his best shot to find somebody knowledgable enough - or even better, someone who has already seen the same disease Sib had. Then something dawned on him - "I could also go to one of the rescue ships, they must have the best equipped labs in this part of the galaxy. What is the closest starport attacked by the bugs?"

"Yes, that might be a good idea. Let me check..." - Dr Cole flipped a few pages on his terminal. James heard the unmistakable chime of Galnet - "that would be... Electra. Roughly 260 light years from here".

"Deadly. Please send the samples to Lepricon. I'll say goodbye to Sib and..."

"I am afraid that won't be possible... talking to her now I mean. She is in an artificially induced coma for the duration of tests and will not wake up before tomorrow or the day after. I am sorry, commander".

"Fine. I'll see her when I return. Take care, doc."

"Good luck. Although I am sure that medical personnel onboard Cavalieri Rescue Ship will have their hands full with the ongoing war and evacuation.. I have my doubts if they will be ready to look into Miss Hudson's case..."

"Oh, they will alright. I scratch their back, they scratch mine, no worries".

"If you say so.. well, anyway. Once again: good luck".

Taurus Mining Ventures Outfitters
Level 0-H, Hind Mine
T Tauri, Independent System

"Yeah, you heard right. Take out all the mining modules and cargo bays, replace them with passenger cabins, economy... business, I don't care, the bigger the better."

Technician on duty gave James a queer look. She was a nice looking girl, with short blonde hair and grey corp outfit.

"Oh, and put back the fighter bay in."

"Roger that. So, going on an expedition with one of these long - distance geeks that are aplenty around here?"

"Nay, lass. Going to save people from Thargoids".

Administration, level A-3,
Hind Mine
T Tauri, Independent System

Executive Steiner nodded her head slowly looking up at James from her place behind her desk. Her office overlooked the hangar, where heavy T-9s would come and go unloading minerals. Between them, smaller nimble escort ships took off and landed.

"Of course, commander. That won't be a problem. By the way, on behalf of Taurus Mining Ventures I would like to thank you for your last two shipments. Perhaps you would like to share the location for such a rich deposit of low temperature diamonds?"

"I will, yeah, when I'll be going back to the bubble. Oh, and on behalf of commander James Barrett I would like to thank you for more than 60 million credits I received" - James grinned wide - "so, is she any good?"

"Marleny? She will do fine, especially in a fighter".

"Grand. Tell her to be ready in 30 minutes".

Close to Cavalieri Rescue Ship
Electra, Independent System

"This is Cavalieri Rescue Vessel Control, Krait Mk II registration Kilo Lima dash Oh Oh Three, state your business"

"Control, Kilo Lima Dash Zero Zero Three, I am here to assist in the rescue and relief effort, requesting docking."

"Docking permission granted, proceed to pad 06".

"Pad 06, Kilo Lima Dash Zero Zero Three out".

James looked at the gigantic ship ahead, then turned towards Marleny - "She's all yours, lass. Go ahead and dock. I'll get my samples".

"Roger that, commander".
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