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Char Azmodai / 01 Jan 3305
33041231: The Future is Tomorrow

This year is ending. Tomorrow a new year begins. IF YOU LIVE ON EARTH. Yay for you, Federal corporation-owned capitalist scum. Frankly, I don't know why we still adhere to Earth standards of time and date when every star system has different orbits and rotation cycles. Is it for unity sake? All humans come from Earth and so they must follow Earth time, even when they live a thousand light years from Sol? Humans... always so sentimental. How they have survived for this long will always be a mystery.

3304 was a lucrative year for me. I have more credits than I know what to do with now, so I've been investing it into new ships and upgrades for the Bahamut for when I eventually transform her into a full-fledged warship rather than a trading vessel (even though I already have two ships dedicated to combat, but one more never hurts), as a top-of-the-line Imperial vessel should be. For the time being, the Challenger Sazabi will continue to be my primary ship for combat purposes, with the Krait Mk. II Maleficent as a backup. I may or may not decide to outfit her for Thargoid encounters if I ever decide to finally take that up again. Maybe if their incursions into human space continue going further in 3305 and actually pose a threat to my interests. The Malevolence has been officially retired and has since been refitted with mining tools, given a new paint job, body kit, and designation. It is now called Starkiller and I'm going to blow up SO MANY asteroids. I'm getting ahead of myself though.

My primary interest right now is still exploring the distant reaches of the galaxy in the Stargazer. Planetary nebulae are my new favorite thing to travel to when I come across any while plotting a course somewhere. Somewhere... I have no clue which direction I want to head in. Back to the core to rediscover all those systems I had my name tagged to that have since been wiped and replaced with some other loser's name? Been there, done that, takes too long, already got the Space Madness from it. I think I'll go looking those space anomalies that have been appearing recently. That looks more interesting than a supermassive black hole that... looks like every other black hole I've seen, but just bigger. How has no one died from going there, seriously? Maybe back into the Pleiades nebula to harvest some Thargoid eggs. Or are they pods? Are Thargoids plant-people?

Anyway, happy new year.
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