Logbook entry

Mo Ronik / 01 Jan 3305
Cyberian Exploration - Might Be Exciting Times Ahead

I'm not 100% sure yet but I've signed up with a big exploration convoy heading way out into the black.  My ship for the trip, MSS Rattler, is ready to go but I keep thinking it's too soon to buddy up with strangers.  Yeah, we would all be working towards the same goal but in my experiences all it takes is one nutcase to "activate" and the whole mess goes down the drain.  Time and credits wasted with nothing to show for it but dents and repairs.

I do want to get out there in deep space exploring but I still have some concerns for my home system.  The planetary bases are still in great need for various commodities and not many commanders offering to supply them.  Still have time before this expeditionary jaunt starts so until then I'll be trying to make a solid decision on what to do.

MSS Rattler is a fine ship and after going over the internals as much as I could figure out I'm now able to get just over a 36 light year jump range.  She does not have any weaponry but it's not really needed out in unexplored space like it is here in "civilized", if you can call it that, space.  We'll see what the future holds I suppose.
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