Logbook entry

Char Azmodai / 02 Jan 3305
33050101: New Year's Revolution

The Void calls to me, beckoning me to the furthest reaches of the galaxy where no human has gone before. I am compelled to answer its call, but I also want to blow up some asteroids and jump on the opal rush before the market becomes too saturated with them and prices start crashing. I have summoned Starkiller to a remote outpost near the California Nebula to begin some mining excursions once I've scouted out the neighboring systems. I'm hesitant to journey out too far with it as its jump range isn't what it was in its previous incarnation and it doesn't have a fuel scoop. I don't need to be stranded somewhere and forced to call a Fuel Rat. Seriously, who goes exploring without a fuel scoop? I've gotten pretty low sometimes on previous journeys, but it was a simple matter of finding the nearest scoopable star just a few light years away. Then again, stars get really close together the closer you get to the core. Can't say the same if you're traveling around the outer rim. I'm getting off track. What was I talking about? Oh right, mining. Did a trial run in SD and it proved to be a lot less monotonous than shooting a laser at a rock and waiting for the drones to collect everything, so I'm looking forward to the fortune I may or may not make.
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