Logbook entry

Char Azmodai / 03 Jan 3305
33050102: White Dwarves Are Trash

After spending the better part of last night and this morning mining some ringed planets in a neighboring system, I have decided to return to Jameson Memorial. Made a pretty decent amount of credits hauling in diamonds and void opals, but then I started running out of rocks to blow up. May try for more in the bubble. More stations to refuel at. More places to trade, which apparently some pay out significantly more than others. Or I might just go wandering again. I haven't decided. I'm in need of a shower and a real bed to sleep in after the crap I went through trying to get home. I told myself before that I wasn't going to use white dwarves for cone-jumping anymore, but then I thought that maybe this time it'll actually work out for me. I got caught in its gravity well after supercharging. Again. The last time this happened, I managed to escape safely. Not so much this time. Damn ship kept getting turned toward the star instead of away. At least I didn't have a lot of data saved up when Stargazer was ripped to pieces by the intense gravitational turbulence. NEVER AGAIN. I hate white dwarves. I don't even remember getting rescued and making it back to the station. I must have blacked out after ejecting... I did get rescued, right? I mean, I'm making this log, so I must have. This doesn't feel like a new body. Just in case, I better make another backup while I'm here.
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