Logbook entry

Char Azmodai / 05 Jan 3305
33050105: SRVs Need An Upgrade

I thought to myself, "What else can I do to prepare for next week's expedition?" Nothing, actually. Well... Nothing except boost Stargazer's jump range even MORE. 62Ly, fully engineered with the lightest mass possible? Feh! We can do better than that! Let's shoot for 100!

I did a little digging around on GalNet and the Codex to find some Guardian ruins to scavenge. Already had all the other materials needed for a Guardian FSD Booster except for the alien tech. That took a little longer to acquire than I anticipated, especially with all those goddamn sentinel drones shooting missiles at me and flipping my SRV over. You would think that if we were going to be fighting aliens on the surfaces of planets, someone would produce something a little sturdier than the standard SRV we have now. I wanna roll out of my ship in a TANK. That'll make those alien drones and skimmers think twice about attacking me, for sure. Let's get on that ... whoever designs these things.

I got the parts I needed, traded some crystals for other crystals, and visited a tech broker I knew. Now Stargazer can jump 72Ly! I was honestly expecting a bit more, seeing as how this is derived from so-called ADVANCED ALIEN TECHNOLOGY. Or is it ancient? Disappointing. That's done, at least, so I guess it's back to... more booze and space hookers? Fly around at ludicrous speed in the Red Comet? Get away with murder?

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