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James Barrett / 06 Jan 3305
Critical system failure (03/01/3305)

Icy Ring, Low Temperature Diamonds Hotspot
Hind Sector EB-W B2-0 C5 Gas Giant

James tried all the buttons and switches. Nothing happened. Without the shields, cockpit already started to cover with ice. Temperature inside also has fallen and James reached for his flight helmet and sealed his suit. He activated the magboots and walked to the back of the bridge and the Backup Panel.

"Alright, let's see what we can do here..." - he muttered and pulled the "Auxilary Power" lever. The screen flickered and came to life. Emergency lightning illuminated the pit with a ghastly light. The benefit of A-grade Life Support System. If he was trying to make some cuts and save on it, as many commanders out there did, he would most probably freeze to death. And now, if he didn't try to turn on too many systems, he had almost 48 hours to find the problem and remove it.

"Grand. Now let's find what the hell happened...”

He started checking the modules, one by one. Everything was fine. Then he switched to electrical circuits. All seemed to be normal here too. Weapons, connections, mining equipment, refinery, landing gear, external lights, FSD, thrusters, shield generator, scanners... no fault. But the power was gone.

"Brilliant... fucking brilliant" - James went back to his seat and pulled up a bag of whiskey. He looked at it for a few moments and then put it back. That will be the last resort, when there's nothing else to do. It would probably be easier to die drunk, but he wasn't ready to try this out just yet. Instead, he picked up the tools from the storage locker and left the bridge, pushing the box in front of him in zero G.

The only thing left to do was to physically open the circuit panels on all modules and in the engine room, trying to find the fault. He was thinking about sending a long range message with a plea for help, but then decided not to, at least not now. Even a short message transferred beyond the system required the FSD to work, and that would eat up at least half the battery. He was on his own.

Icy Ring, Low Temperature Diamonds Hotspot
Hind Sector EB-W B2-0 C5 Gas Giant
31 hours later

James wasn't tired - he passed that stage around 12 hours ago. He was completely wasted. But he still had a few systems to open, check wire by wire, reconnect and then close back up.

As he removed the cover of the power plant control unit, he felt the distinctive smell of burnt plastic. He directed his torchlight inside, but everything looked normal. Only after he got deeper, he realised that it must be the external circuit, located directly under the ships armour, that was burnt. Which meant that it had to be checked and repaired from the outside, and he was not equipped to do so - besides, space walks were not permitted under Pilots Federation rules and such works usually were done by the repair limpets. Which he didn't have.

There was only one option now: use the backup power and the FSD to transfer a long - distance message... he got back to his seat, activated all the necessary systems and sent out the following SOS message back to his squadron:


LOCATION: Hind Sector EB-W b2-0

To anyone who receives this call.
I need assistance. My ship is stranded in the Hind Sector EB-W b2-0. Trouble with power. Repair limpets required. I am on emergency power so direct comms possible only after reaching the system.

Carrying full hold of void opals, anyone who can help, will make it worth your time.

Now all he could do was to wait...

Icy Ring, Low Temperature Diamonds Hotspot
Hind Sector EB-W B2-0 C5 Gas Giant
6 hours later

The comms system came to life. A short message appeared from commander Veladarius.

"Come in CMDR Barrett. Have you been able to make repairs or do you still need assistance?"
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