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Effie Trinket / 06 Jan 3305
The search continues.....

Well, if it wasn’t for meeting Commander Holo, this week was a wash. Not a single decent boutique anywhere near Hutton Orbital!

Holo suggested I needed a larger ship to provide a nicer environment in which Cheska would roam and play, so I decided to trade the MKIII Viper, for a Midnight Black Cobra MKIV. I was surprised to see just how cavernous the MKIV is inside, so this has allowed my to completely rethink my closet space! If only I could find a civilised System that would enable me to fill it with lovely things! Space is so full of dive bars and grubby little shops that sell nothing that doesn’t look like it was designed to be worn by bearded men!

What is it with beards these days anyway?! All the men I meet look like overly groomed bushwhackers who should be working for Apple! The world’s gone truly mad!

Yesterday, I accepted a mission to recover 2 black boxes from Styx. Two insurance claims and much embarrassment later and I still have not completed the mission! Note to self: Must try harder...........

And upgrade my power plant!
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CMDR Effie Trinket
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11 Jan 3305
Effie Trinket
06 Jan 3305
The search continues.....
Effie Trinket
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