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Kira Von Black / 06 Jan 3305
Past experiences Up to this point

Humble Begninnings in a Sidewinder:

As it could not be different from any other pilot from the pilots academy, i began with the ifamous Sidewinder. is an old model ship, and is far from a new or state of the art stuff. but it was what i had in the first hours of the game. a friend of mine helped me a lot with the begining, and i owe this jounrey start to him. he took me to some very dangerous places, where i needed to learn in real time combat, since i was having dificulties graduating from the tutorials. of course we were on board of a Shiny Imperial Cutter, one of the most beautifull and badass ships in the game. we were there for some minutes to an hour hunting pirates into a Haz-Res zone near Aselus Primus, the system where the pilots federation sent me for the begining of my journey. of course we had a lof of fun on the first hours and the game didn't give me something horrifying to think about it, but all was about to change... rapidly...

Cobra MKIII A.K.A. the Flanker 8000- the real kickstart into the void

after acquiring some good ammount of money for the first day, my friend told me to go into a Shipyard and trade in my sidewinder for a Cobra MK.III, a multipropourse Light Ship that is very well suited for initial Combat. i came to the game one day later and started to venture on my own with courrier missions on the RA system, a system my friend had recomended me to stay for a little bit, because of the big and good commerce it has. while i did some corrier jobs, my friend helped me with some more credits, be i as a wingman piloting the Fighters from his big and shiny imperial cutter, be him doing some commerce and sharing the goodies with the new guy in town. Ra was one of the places i did a lot of money when i began, but it was more due to the fact that my friend was helping me get things started. after i got some missions under my belt, i got a wing mission to catch a big bad pirate that gave a LOT of work for me and required me to call some heavy cavalry from friends.

Pirate Lord Lares: the first time i looked death face to face.
if there was a guy really hard to catch was this asshole. his name was Lares, and the bounty on his head has humongous. i thought that since my friend had pretty much the best ship in the game that it would be a cakewalk for us to hunt a big hancho for some good greenies. but boy oh boy, how wrong i was. the guy was extremely well armed using caustic technology not even my friend had even seen before, at least not in the hands of a pirate. we needed some help, and FAST, so we formed a wing of 4 people to hunt down the guy and his minions. the mission ended up being a sucess, even tho we ended up hurt pretty badly, and i got my first 4 hulls destroyed on my Cobra MKIII. son of a bitch was so powerfull that i couldn't even last 5 seconds near him. thankfully, he is history, and a rare type of hard ennemy you face on the game. but damm i was not expecting the game to hit me so hard like this on my first solo combat mission.

New Horizons: Looking for some jobs at HIP77818 and hunting for the SOL license
after some more courier jobs i decided to go for a change of pace. i always had a soft heart, and i heard histories from a woman named Aisling Duval. Duval for what i know is the illegitmate daughter of emperor Duval of the Empire superpower. but she recieves support from the most varied persons on the galaxy... Federation,Empire, even some guys of the Alliance like the woman. so i decided to listen to my heart for the time being and begin to do some galactic humanitarian job. i heard of a Station that Supported the Federation and Aisling, i thought to myself: "i like those guys, even tho they are in different spectrums of the scale. so well... i can kill 2 birds in one stone, can't i?!". and not only that, the guys there were hungry... nearly extinct... so i decided to move to Bosch Orbital on HIP-77818. i wanted to help those guys in need, so i didn't think twice on it. of course my friend was a little jumpy that i left Ra for a Small and uninportant system like HIP77818. but tbh, after some time, he didn't care much. even helping me with more pirate catching and stuff. and because i didn't care much for the money (i had plenty with me for the time being at this time), i decided to ask for reputation bounties instead of money. naturally the Worker's Resistaince (my employer on this system) accepted this with open arms, due to the famine. i got so dedicated that from Famine, they've gone straight into an Economic Boom. and my ranks on the federation soared quickly... yes, it still took me like a week to get my permit, but i made some good friends there on HIP-77818. the jobs became better and better as the economy got better but with prosperity came the dangers of jealously. the Worker's resistance and the Chankartes formed an Alliance and started to send me some strange missions... they told me to do some spy jobs for them, because some guys on a neighbouring galaxy that i don't know for the life of me the number codes form my head, were causing trouble. i was worried, but didn't question at first... well... of course things started to get much worse.

HIP-77818 Black ops
because i'm pretty much their best pilot they had in hands at the time, the spy jobs came. at that time i couldn't say no to it...on my first spy job surveying a beacon everything was easy peasy... the station seemed abandoned, and there wasn't a single soul there... just some strange communications that i don't know the sense of it yet. some of them were from people moaning that they should be more carefull with communications and stuff. as time moved on however, things got more dangerous (after all the game wouldn't be Elite Dangerous only in name, right?!)... some missions later in another spy mission on a low gravity plannet i needed to do the same beacon scanning. but they came with some history that i should collect some cargo that was spread over there nearby. of course it was illegal cargo, but i did not collect, not because of the legality of it, but because i was really not equiped with a Cargo Rack. the mission went as usal, and i even managed to scan the beacon sucessfully, but this time i got a guy from the ennemy faction scanning the skies ahead. good thing he didn't scanned my SRV, and only my ship. since the Info was not on the computers yet, there was no suspicion there. but i needed to play a very dangerous stealth game to vanish with the info and accomplish the mission. i know they were not happy with it, since it was making the Workers Resistaince stronger and stronger. as soon as i saw an opening, i boarded the Flanker 8000, and Low Waked the Hell out of the planet. that was one heck of a mission. and they did pay me well on that, no doubt. but this started to raise more and more suspicions with the Resistance and the Chankartes, my two prime contractors having some boom. one time they even had me transporting the nerve agent Sarin Gas on my ship. it was nasty to say the least: nasty to encounter, nasty to buy, nasty to transport since that crap is pretty much illegal anywhere, and nasty to smuggle into Bosch Orbital. thank goodness i was already an ally to them. and for what they used?! i really don't have a clue. the excuse was that the industry needed the cargo... for reasons... but since That thing happened that later i will explain, i would not be surprised if it was used by the Workers Resistance on their ennemies. at this point, who knows?! i was bummed with it... so i decided to not transport any more MMDs unless in war conditions. this was peace time yet,let's remember. it's super unfair to do this... and i regret doing that mission even to this day.

Moving to Abraham Lincoln in SOL and starting to mount the KRAIT MK.III A.K.A.: B-17 STARFORTRESS
after doing more federal promotion missions, i finally got the rank of Petty Officer. and with that it came with the tasty Sol License. the next day got the license, i moved to a Station named Abraham Lincolm. i still visit HIP from time to time, but some things happened there after i moved to SOL, that i'll explain later. so... after i got in on the station, my new contractor recieved me. it was the Mother Gaia faction. at this point in time i've got a huge sum of money and decided to have a small fleet under my disposal. an excelent Viper MK.IV nicknamed the Eagle 8000 and the still Incomplete KRAIT MKIII a.k.a.: B-17 Starfortress. the Krait was in Bagalatuba for a little bit of time as i moved my stuff to sol. the guys there were hungry like the HIP-77818 guys that i encountered. we have some cordial relatins because of my influence that was starting to grow at the time, so i decided to work for a little to them, if they provided me with some parts for the Krait and the Viper. wich they accepted with open arms. the problem however is that some of the materials were extremely expensive. and because Mother Gaia Needed my services, i needed to move in a little bit of a Hurry to Sol. at Sol it was the usual Courrier Stuff, and some comercial flights between stations nearby. at this time the guys of the wing decided to go to Hutton Orbital on Proxima Centauri as a challenge to themselves. the trip took some 2 hours and obviously i did not manage to do it, because of my affairs in SOL. but my friends managed to do the journey. the madmans... madmans i say XD. as my relationship with mother gaia improved i started to get more important data to deliver. they said it was top priority stuff. and with my sucesses of the Flanker 8000 the Black OPs missions came from the Mother Gaia guys too... at first, again, nothing out of the Ordinary... but things get spicier later.

Trip to Pleiades and the Thargoids:
as the days passed on Abraham Lincolm and my friend did his affairs i recieved a pretty good job offer with him. we were to move to the Pleiades region face some "ennemies". they paid very well for the mission, so i didn't question it. of course being a very dangerous mission, i served alongside a veteran elite Fighter Pilot on my wing inside the Alliance Crusader of my friend. we ventured to a station that now escapes the name from my mind in the system HR 1183. all i know is that it was super super far away from the bubble. we docked in a type of station that i've never seen before... some kind of spherical dock with cylinders. we were there for a small period of time recharging and psychologically preparing ourselves for the adventure ahead of us. and as soon as we ventured out of the station, looking for our "guests" we found them. the nasty nasty flower like Thargoids. the ship was well prepared, and was holding up very well against that monstrocity. but the fighters launched from the bay on the other hand were being cut like a hot knife in butter. that thing was extremely powerfull and dangerous to fight, forcing we to retreat because it managed to destroy our canopies and corrode our mother ship quite badly. we managed to bag some  2 of them. one that was strangely not even willing to fight, aparently. i don't know what the hell happened there, but it was lucky, and of course i was 4 million credits richier. our luck however didn't last forever. the assault of the thargoids were relentlesss, and it managed to down our ship pretty badly, sending it to the repair bay of the station, completely destroyed. i got the rewards, but my friend weren't lucky enough. because he has ejected of ship, he lsot the reward. thankfully the guys of the station managed to rescue us... phew that was a close one.

Returning to SOL and the first rumors of strange things
after my terrifying trip to the Pleiades, i decided to go back to SOL and do more jobs to Mother Gaia and HIP-77818 Workers Resistance. some new Industrial espionage missions arrived for me, so, knowing that security would be much much heavier this time, i asked for my friend to fly top cover while i did the job. he made company to me with his SRV Scarab, but the palce was heavly heavly guarded. we pilot those things via tele-presence, so no risk of death there at least... but since our ships were parked some 2km away from the field, and a guy was on guard dog duty on the day, we needed to act to get the info out of the pylons. my friend, being more experienced on SRV combat destroyed the Turrets while i accesed the A.P. (acess point) of the building. we managed to get the information, but not before making the guy that was guarding he place, extremely furioius. he fired upon my ship wich prompted it to retreat. i managed to call it back, but our problems were just starting. my friend acted as a distraction while i docked on the thing... when i managed to dock, he was in Very very serious trouble... the guy was attacking us relentlesly with a Fighter jet from his bay, a thing that we didn't have with our current jet setup at the time, that was based for planetary espionage. so we were in a Huge disadvantage. thankfully, the Flanker 8000 managed to get the shields of the fighter of the guy down. prompting me to put his face full of Missiles. we didn't want to kill the poor guy because first, he was only doing his job and us,ours, and second because it would atract quite a lot of notoriety for us. as soon i managed to get a kill on his fighter jet, his Anaconda Ship came full force after me. i managed to escape the Atmosphere, but all of my destinations were obscured when escaping, making it even more hellish to me... when i got suficient distance from the icy planet however, i did a very strong High wakee FSD wave directly to SOL, saving me from the frying pan. but it was worse for my friend... remember the SRV he was in?! well, turns out the guy was not happy with us, and he managed to one shot it as he returned to the atmosphere. thank goodness those things are unmanned, or he would not be with me to tell the tale. since the tele-presence like was cut he came back to the ship that was in orbit and managed to escape with the guy tailing him. but since we were coming back to SOL and Abraham Lincolm near Earth, he knew he would be in a world of trouble if he followed us. so he gave up the pursuit. good news was that we were alive, bad news, was that we recieved a bounty on our heads... that we thankfully managed to pay at an interstellar factor station, before any asshole had funny ideas about us. after returning to SOL, i decided to survey some "near" (in astronomical terms) unexplored bodies to win some money and manage to finish my Krait MK III. i mounted a Diamond Back (that at the time i called the Gorillamond Express in reference to Kamen Rider Build) with a 40LY jump range with the help of my friend, and off i've gone. the list was enormous, but provided with some good payments... well, of course it was not suficient to finish the Krait and she still sits on the shipyard, but this was a part of my mission that was very lonely and tbh, very boring. basically i needed to scan a huge list of habitable candidates for the Mother Gaia and the HIP77818 factions for some good ol' cash. took me a whole earth day to do the job (close to 15 hours non stop in game). since the travel was boring as hell, i decided to tune into Saturn's eye and Galnet news for some entretainment in flight.  i heard some strange rumors and some real creepy stories about Generation Ships and a Conspiracy involving a group named Nova Imperium. of course any one has the acess to Nova Imperium news, so i'll not digress much with this. but the Generation ship logs tho, was a completely different story that almost brought me to tears. you see, one of them in particular, about the Atlas, was really heartbreaking for me. it was about a guy named Tom Edwards trying to save his wife and the entire population of the ship, because the ship had no brakes as a Result of a Manufacturer defect. the story had a happy ending, with him saving thousands of livesl but the guy needed to stay behind so he could man the course of the ships. i mean, you can hear the despair but hope in his voice, and his history trully touched me. so, in the end of the first leg of my trip, i passed by HIP-77818 and in the Shipyard nearby, decided to rename the Diamond Back as the Tom Edwards explorer ship, in his honour. the guy is quite famous nowadays, having a number of stations named after him. i heard a tip that one of them, Edwards Oasis, may the the first one that was named as such... is a planetary station, one i wanna travel to eventually, to know if this is true or not. the resting site of him as well as the atlas ship is well know nowadays and can be found with some research on the internet. once in HIP-77818 i did some more contracts for the Workers Resistance, now locked in a Civil war with a rival faction. since the ship i had at the time was NOT suited for combat, they decided to give me some top priority papers to be delivered in the neighbouring galaxies. heck, even a small group of bounty hunters came after me to prevent the delivery of data. of course those guys were extremely incompetent, that i managed to deliver all the packs sucessfully. helping my contractors and soon i was off again to finish my exploration trip. after the painstakingly long journey arround the 200 LY ring of the local area i was suposed to research for and coming back to Earth and Abraham Lincolm station, the Pilots federation gave me a 4 rank promotion, from mostly aimless to Ranger. that suprised me as, this meant i blazed trough the ranks realy really quick in the now Tom Edwards ship. gaining quite the name arround the guys there. even tho, i must say i had some help from the road to richies initiative. wich provided me with a healty 60MI payout, wich managed me to fit almost everything i needed on my Krait, missing only the Hull and the power plant, wich are absurdly expensive.

Road Trip to Merak and my friend's Road Trip to Jacques Orbital in Colonia
for who knows me, is a no secret that i am a Huge fan of the Top Gear 3000. in that game, there was a series of star systems where races were held, and not only the game was a lot of fun, but i was surprised to know that i could meet in person one of those places. the system Merak, where the Grand Prix Begins... i was excited to go there and see the legendary planet Misk in person. i did manage to get there... quite the long journey but not as long as going to Hutton Orbital. in there i managed to get some contacts with an Alliance independent base. wich spread my name trough that area. not that much tho... it was the usal courrier jobs of always. i got Misk data or Merak Something Something as it is named in Elite Dangerous, a beautifull ocean earth like world. and managed to win some good money with it. the area is still relatively unpopulated due to the distances involved with supercruise flight. but it was a lot of fun nonetheless... while i got to know one of the legendary planets of the Top Gear 3000 champioship, my friend is in a much much bigger journey that should take months to complete. he is doing a detailed scan of galaxies, water worlds and other valuable bodies arround the galaxy, as he travels from the bubble to Colonia. Colonia is a Very far away place, is kinda of that listening post on an island on the south pacific of the planet earth if i'm allowed to do the comparsion. it's a relatively uncharted area, and more uncharted is the area between the bubble and Colonia. so he intends to win big risking big. he build an engineered anaconda, capable of jumping 60LYs and is using local interstelar roadways to do his journey. i mean, i dunno if i would have the patience he has to do this job. it's almost 800 jumps with fuel scooping time included. and it is pretty pretty tiresome. but he is progressing at a steady pace already. so i'm sure he'll be there in no time. now the 1 million space credit question is: allright... he is going there... but man, he will have a helluva work to get back to the bubble once his endeavor is completed.
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CMDR Kira Von Black
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13 Jan 3305
Report on Nova Imperium (3305-01-13)
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Report on Nova Imperium (3005-01-10)
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06 Jan 3305
Report on Nova Imperium
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06 Jan 3305
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