Logbook entry

Kira Von Black / 06 Jan 3305
Report on Nova Imperium

with all the fuzz lately with the new organization Nova Imperium, i decided to investigate them myself. i headed from Sol to Paresa, a small system some 200 lys away from earth on the Trusty Tom Edwards.
i did this because i want to see the history from their perspective, and not only for what i see on Galnet news, and the official declarations.

as you all may know, Nova Imperium is a new organization formed by Hadrian Duval, the suposed descendent of Emperor Duval. Galnet makes it so he is amassing a gigantic fleet of Dreadnoughts, Imperial Clippers and other Shiny ships, but... being very honest with you... That's not the case at all. Nova Imperium is, as of 3005/01/06 a very, and i mean, VERY small organization.  there isn't many ships even allied with them flying on their own system, and to be honest, i am yet to find one other than myself. for what i saw, i think the Journalists, Hadrian, Lavigny and Aisling are making a Huge Storm in a cup of water. Nova Imperium is TinyTinyTiny, and represents Zero risk to anyone, as of yet.

Yes, i can see the preocupations that miss Lavigny Duval may have, but i don't think they represent any risks. if anything, Lavigny could simply wipe them of the face of the galaxy by labeling them Pirates and puting a huge bounty on their heads. but i am sure, that's not the way she wants to go about. same with Miss Aisling, i pretty much agree with her point of view, and that Nova Imperium is pretty much spliting the Imperial paradigm into a million Pieces, but i think that the Empire as a whole is over-reacting to them. it is like wanting to kill a mosquito with an Atom bomb, an ancient earth weapon that, i think you all know about the destructive power... stuff of legends. it's a complete Over-Reaction...

Dyson city, Nova Imperium's Headquarters

i want to get to the bottom of this mistery... maybe hear a bit from Hadrian Himself,  and his obsession with the Thargoids. i know that his preocupations are valid, having faced them myself, but i think the methods he is using is pretty much wrong.  instead of isolating themselves, i think mister Hadrian should've joined forces in a joing operation to push the Thargoids back. i think all of the superpower players should cool down, sit in a round table and discuss... because i am sure that this will spiral out of control one way or another if a dialogue is not met.

the organization itself is very secretive, i didn't managed to get anything from them, their moods, their words... nothing... i even think the atendent girl is... mute?! i really have no idea on what they are thinking. but seeing it first hand i can guarantee that there is no huge fleet inside Paresa unless Hadrian is Hiding them so well i didn't manage to see them yet. Everyone, including the Galnet Journos, should cool their heads and vent their steam before doing anything hasty. i don't want to see a conflict about relatives, and i believe this family stuff should be resolved on the negotiation table.

In a Nutshell: Everyone is Jumpy when they should not be. but don't take my word for it, see it with your own eyes. Mister Hadrian Duval can, and should, open a direct channel to the public and answer our questions and his motives. he should not hide from the spotlights, now more than ever because Miss Lavigny and Miss Aisling are on his neck, specially miss Lavigny with her Ultimatum. i know that the words of a single captain will not reach the ears of the Duval Sisters, but if they do, i hope they heed my advice: negotiate, and sit in a table with your suposed relative, before doing anything.  send a diplomatic comitee if you have to, to asess the situation with more details. but,again, see it with your own eyes.
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