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James Barrett / 07 Jan 3305
Wolves to the rescue (05/01/3305)

Icy Ring, Low Temperature Diamonds Hotspot
Hind Sector EB-W B2-0 C5 Gas Giant

The comms system came to life. A short message appeared from commander Veladarius.

"Come in CMDR Barrett. Have you been able to make repairs or do you still need assistance?"

There was a lot of static, which was normal for long range communications, and the fact that James was in the middle of an asteroid ring didn't particularly help. Still, he jumped up on his seat, suddenly brought back from a half - sleep induced by the weariness.

"Yes, I am still here, battery running dangerously low! I still need assistance!"

After what seemed like an eternity the reply came:

"Do you need fuel or anything else? I will be re-outfitting my ship to get to you and provide assistance. Also, any hostiles still in the area?"

James checked the battery level. Really low now... but he decided to send one more message.

"Negative, no hostiles, I only need a repair limpet. Waiting for you arrival, commander".

After that he decided he deserved some rest. He has fallen asleep in his chair.

Icy Ring, Low Temperature Diamonds Hotspot
Hind Sector EB-W B2-0 C5 Gas Giant
3 hours later

A warning chime woke him up: oxygen supply was running out. He quickly set the onboard systems to synthesise some extra reserves.

After that all he could do was wait. So he did, watching the spinning icy asteroids. To conserve power, he disabled all the redundant systems. Even Betty was set to standby mode. He walked around the bridge, then got back to his place. He listened to Galnet news and checked some Codex entries. He picked up some pre-packed food he always had in abundance exactly in case situation like this arouse. Every few minutes he would open up the communications console. Nothing...

Icy Ring, Low Temperature Diamonds Hotspot
Hind Sector EB-W B2-0 C5 Gas Giant
12 hours later

Comms came to live as James was setting up yet another refill of the life support system.

"Commander Barrett, I have done a full FSS on the system and have identified the two ringed planets. On my way to do a detailed scan of them now".

"Yes!!!" - James rose his hands and then bent over to the mic, even though it was completely unnecessary - he had one mounted inside the helmet.

"Thanks God! Planet Charlie 5, perform a detailed of the ring. I am at the low temperature diamond hotspot, 0.27 light seconds from planet Charlie 5 Bravo".

No response. Few minutes later James asked:

"Commander, how far away are you?". Maybe 30 minutes later Veladarius' voice could be heard again:

"Commander Barrett, I have scanned C 6 rings and found a void opal hotspot. If you are here and can give me any sort of signal please do so".

"Not C 6, C 5, Charlie 5... rings of Charlie 5!!" - James was now shouting to the mic. Again no reply.

"Brilliant, fucking brilliant!  the comms system is down! Damn this icy ring and all its diamonds to hell!!!" - in frustration and with his all strength, James have thrown a datapad he was holding. It flew half a meter and then floated in the air, slowly spinning above the console in 0G.

Almost two hours later another comms came:

"Beginning scans of the planet C 5... found some Void Opal Hotspots, proceeding to investigate".

This time James didn't answer. He clenched his fists helplessly. Why would Veladarius check only Void Opal? And then it dawned on him. He made a mistake in his initial mayday call... There is no way Veladarius will find him now. Unless... he looked at the comms panel again. If he is receiving the messages, but he cannot be heard, perhaps forming a wing could work? He gave it a try. A few seconds later the invitation was accepted and he saw wing signal approximately 0.4ls from his location. So close...

Barrett tried to open Wing comms, hoping that it would work better than the open channel, but still there was no answer. However, after another 10-15 minutes, the signal started to come nearer. 2 Mm... 1.... 450 km.... 80.... boom! Suddenly a ship appeared among the asteroids, mere 17 kilometers away.
James started shooting his mining laser, trying to draw attention of the pilot.. .and it worked! Maybe 15 seconds later Diamondback Exlplorer stopped in front of his Lepricon III.

"I have never been so happy to see another ship" - Barrett tried the direct comms channel. To his delight he got an answer this time.

"I can see you, commander. Stay still, I am sending a repair limpet your way".

"Roger that! You'll need to program it to check the port side of the ship for burnt circuits. Once this is repaired, I'll get the power back".

"OK, copy your last, programming... standby".

After another two minutes he heard the humming of the power plant. The systems started to come back to life, one by one. He opened up the right console and enabled all those modules that he turned off. Grinning like crazy.

"Thank you, commander! You have saved my life, I owe ya. And when James Barrett is in yer debt, you can be sure he will pay it back to the last penny. What is your cargo space capacity?"

"On this ship? 4 units".

"Gotcha. Well, catch this..." - James released four containers of void opals, each worth more than 600 000 credits on open market - "and I'll make sure to pay the rest once I arrive back in the Wolves territory".

"Thank you! You are sure you will make it back safely for the repairs?"

"Aye, don't worry about me. There is a station 3 jumps away from here".

"Roger that. See you in Yurchikhin Lounge then!"

"Aye. Drinks are on me..."


The part with severed comms was not pure RP - Elite did play trick on us and all communications worked one way only. Meaning that I could see Veladarius messages, but he couldn't get mine. So he spent a few hours checking all the void opal hotspots - as I have made a mistake reporting my location initially. And only after winging up worked he was able to find my location. And I really felt the time passing by, sitting for around 3 hours in a motionless ship inside the asteroid ring....
Do you like it?

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