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Char Azmodai / 08 Jan 3305
33050108: One To Go

Brought in some good hauls from the rings I had been mining in, earning more or less 300,000,000 credits. It was enough to also get me that long sought after rank of Elite Trading. That's two down, one to go, and I'm right on the verge of earning Elite Exploration. Just gotta scan a few more systems... or twenty. No doubt, I'd get it after coming back from next week's expedition, but I'd rather get the promotion before heading out into the black for... who knows how long. Might not even come back after this one.

Went out to the Spirograph Nebula today to see if that would be just enough to get that last promotion. It wasn't, but I got some good photos of the system. Ran across a megaship orbiting one of the ringed planets with a stellar phenomena happening in its rings. I still need to find out of those crystals can be shot or mined, but that would mean putting a weapon on one of Stargazer's hard points, which would serve no purpose other than shooting random things found in deep space. If it even has spare energy to power it. ... Eh, fuck it. Maybe I'll slap one on when I get back.

Spiral Planetary Nebula was the next stop. Not as exciting as Spirograph, unfortunately, but at least the view was nice...?

Five more days until Distant Worlds 2 begins. My flight officers have demanded I outfit a larger ship for the expedition, namely a Krait Phantom. During the trial run I conducted with it, I discovered that Stargazer's core modules could be transferred into it, saving a lot of time and resources into engineering new ones. However, it didn't perform as well jump-wise, being just a few light years short of the DBX. Even with the Guardian FSD Boosters I now have access to, it would still be a couple light years short of Stargazer's range, but my crew have threatened to mutiny if they have to spend 18 weeks or more in the ship's cramped quarters. I have taken their request under consideration.
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