Logbook entry

Char Azmodai / 09 Jan 3305

After 5 gruesome, painful, exciting, maddening years, I have achieved what few commanders have laid claim to...


Just in time for Distant Worlds 2. Won't have to wait until I eventually return to some spacedock somewhere to get that last promotion. So glad that's done with now.

I did it. I beat the game. My life is complete. Now all that remains is to die a glorious death. And it only cost me... everything.


Nah, I'm gonna become a raider now.

I'm kidding.



After getting some much needed sleep, I grabbed my wingman, Jesus Hodges, and took out the Maleficent to get some work done on her lasers and do some good old-fashioned bounty hunting near my old stomping ground in Zeta Horologii. Checking the mission board, I find a mission to kill some pirates in my old home system of Baal... for 17 million credits. Of course, I accepted it. Been a while since I visited home anyway. Should probably catch up with the parents, tell them the good news.

... Aaaand they're dead.

No one bothered to tell me that they died in the Pleiades from a Thargoid attack because I was out of all comms range at the time nor left any messages, sent a courier to Jameson, nothing. Apparently, my father's fleet had been sent out to the nebula to deal with Thargoid incursions. Mother also served aboard as chief medical officer. All hands were lost. This all happened A YEAR AGO. FOR VOID'S SAKE WHY AM I JUST NOW HEARING ABOUT THIS?!

The Dragons of Baal felt my wrath and I earned double the reward I got from that mission from the bounties I collected. Maleficent performed well, despite taking some hull damage. I may have to start making plans to outfit either this ship or the Sazabi for Thargoid combat so I can avenge my parents, but that will have to wait until after I return from the expedition.
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