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Mike Probably / 09 Jan 3305
It does NOT come in black?!

Exploration requires a serious vessel. While I admire the skill of some to optimize for jump range and therefore weight, I would like to point out: some ships out there are anything but. Not being combat ready is thinkable, also potentially dangerous, but omitting basic ship safety? Taking only sub-par sensory? Smaller fuel tanks?

Well. Not my choice for exploration. I choose to fly ready. And that meant to switch ships. The ‘Probable Choice’, my ASP-X, earned my trust and carried me safely to some places I always wanted to see up close, like Bernard’s Loop. But it has it limits, so I cannibalized it and started to outfit the ‘Probably Gone’. A ship set to stay in the background, to get there, get it done, and then fade away, never getting to much undesired attention from the powers that be. Had to be a Phantom.

First impressions? Cruises through tough situations like the best board does through choppy waters. Has a mean kick to it, too, once you unleash it’s power. Carries all I need. Just one problem: It does not come in black!

A Phantom in a universe full of stations without the option for decent hull job.
Are they honestly telling me that I need to shave a sun and burn in some star dust to get that Midnight Black?
Do you like it?

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CMDR Mike Probably
Explorer / Researcher
27 Aug 3305
Landing Pad 07 – core breach
Mike Probably
21 Aug 3305
Landing Pad 07 - eye to eye
Mike Probably
13 Aug 3305
Landing Pad 07 – gone, then back
Mike Probably
24 Jul 3305
Landing Pad 07 - broken
Mike Probably
20 Jul 3305
Landing Pad 07 - breaking
Mike Probably
18 Jul 3305
Landing Pad 07
Mike Probably
31 Jan 3305
Thorn in my Side
Mike Probably
18 Jan 3305
Speared by Guardian Tech
Mike Probably
09 Jan 3305
It does NOT come in black?!
Mike Probably
04 Jan 3305
I felt that sting before
Mike Probably
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