Logbook entry

Kira Von Black / 09 Jan 3305
Disturbing trend amongst Criminal Pilots

on some of my routine jobs as a police officer for Mother Gaia, i've started to notice some pretty disturbing tendencies amongst pirates. i mean... pirates in general are disgusting in their actions, but it is not the type of disgusting as you may think... hear me out here for a sec. generally i'm fighting against Cobras,Vultures and Vipers... normal stuff up untill this point, BUT, all of them have suicidal tendencies. i have no idea why... i mean... it makes my job easier,sure... but still creeps the hell out of me.

you know how there was this strange old dissease on earth that was likely transmited by cats?! i believe the name was, Toxoplasmosis. the parasite had a first phase in rats, that became suddenly brave and wanting to approach cats so they could eat them and kick off the adult phase of the parasite inside the stomach of the cat. gruesome stuff i'd say... but i'm noticing a similar trend amongst the pirates that i'm facing... it's like they're not afraid of doing suicidal things... like... interdicting someone that is some 3 or 4 ranks bigger than theirs... ramming their ships on me, even tho it is clear they gonna lose badly because their armour is much thinner than mine, just running aimlesly without even firing at all, even tho their hardpoints are deployed, and not even trying to low wake away from me when things gets bad. it's like they want me to kill them... i don't know why is this happening... and is sure as hell creepy... i have no idea if they have some kind of psychological problem, or if they have Toxoplasmosis itself, something that i believe should've been erradicated ages ago with the nanomachine treatments... but i guess, that having nowhere to go and being chased, in adition to the poor conditions of an unmantained ship, could leed to sanitary problems in their habitats... it's gross just to think about it. but i think this is something that should not go unobserved... i'm not a doctor, even tho i happen to have some biology knowledge, but this needs to be urgently adressed by the superpowers... who knows what may be hiding into this stuff... there was pandemics and lockdowns on stations before, so i know this is something that can seriously spiral out of control without proper caution. the galactic organizations in my opnion must keep their eyes open for those strange behaviours amongst pirates and other vessels, because IF this is a dissease, this is something i am sure that is being heavly overlooked by the health organizations galaxywide.
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