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ToXik-yogHurt / 10 Jan 3305
Tread the Stars - Prelude

Look up at night. What do you see?

In ancient times the people of Earth saw the stars – and they saw pictures in those stars. Constellations. And now I have this... urge...

They were a superstitious bunch; I guess some things haven't changed.

I found some old datacubes, don't ask where, that contain ancient Earth star lists. They're supposed to make pictures...

There were, according to my studies, traditionally 88 of these pictures. Only the brightest stars, viewed from Earth, were in a constellation. It depends how you measure, but the number of visible stars per constellation has to be finite. Not simply finite, but "relatively" small. The number of bright stars is even lower. By my estimations, perhaps 10 bright (and another 25 dim) per constellation. And most of these stars are, of course, located close to Sol. Close enough for me to visit.

I've always wanted to fly to Sol. You're supposed to need to earn a permit, but I know somebody, who knows somebody...

Plus, I have recently come into a little money and with it I bought a second-hand Asp Scout.

And so, where the ancients gazed, I shall tread.
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10 Jan 3305
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