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TET / 10 Jan 3305
Ok, Here Goes

Yeah, so, I've never actually have written an entry into the logbook.

I've always meant to, but you know how it is. Something more exciting always comes up, some new rumor to chase, some new ship to acquire, some new rock to mine, and so on. Always something more pressing to take care of. Well, until a couple of days ago.

I had just set out on a new exploration trip hoping to find some new life forms that I've heard other commanders talking about. Everything started out great. It wasn't long before my newly installed FSS picked up some biological signals. New life! I quickly landed near the signals and found hundreds of little mounds of... something. Not sure what exactly, but not really what I was expecting. I thought they'd be more, I don't know, plant like or at least more alive looking. These things weren't it. Time to move on.

So I continued until picking up new signals in the HIP 139 system. Nice! Life under an O-type star. Has to be different than those termite mound looking things. I proceeded to land at the first planet with signs of life. Approaching the surface I can start to make out some details on the ground below. There's life! And better, it's different life! Plant like, they look like cacti. This is great! Well, mostly great.

I came in a little too hot and my under-powered explorer Anaconda was having trouble slowing down above this 2G world. I leveled out as best I could and quickly dropped the gear and braced for a hard impact which came shortly after. Fortunately the under sized shields held and the gear didn't collapse. Close one. Now to get out on the surface.

Dropping down in the SRV was rougher than expected. I'm used to moons with less than half a G. This time the SRV hit the ground and it sounded like something broke. No matter, time to look around.

The life here is remarkable. Large plant like life forms, like cactus, but emitting a strange bio luminescent glow. Amazing considering the closeness of the O-type star overhead, blasting down enormous amounts of radiation. I feel almost sun burnt after just five minutes. The cactus seem to like it though, as they appear to be thriving here. Also, what appears to be fungus like growths can be found on some, which can be harvested for materials. But they're sometimes difficult to harvest. I keep having to use my thrusters to get properly aligned to harvest them.

And that's when I notice the problem.

I'm not sure if it happened during the rough landing, the hard SRV drop, or the ridiculous radiation bath of the O-type, but my thruster controls have failed. No matter what, they won't work. This is terrible. Worse, it's not just the SRV, but also the ship. How?!? What a disaster. I was planning on staying out in the black for a couple of weeks at least. How am I even going to get off this rock? Fortunately, I managed to find some backup thruster control commands that can be entered using the cockpit keyboard. No where near as convenient as the hand held controllers.

So I head to the nearest station, someplace named Gorgon Research Facility. The mechanic here says he can get the controllers fixed, but it's going to take a couple of days for the parts to arrive.

Ugh. Not how I wanted to spend my exploration trip. Waiting on repair parts to arrive.

With nothing to do till my ship is fixed.

Maybe this is a good time to start that logbook I've always put off...

Do you like it?

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Explorer / Trader
14 Jan 3305
Thrusters Fixed
10 Jan 3305
Ok, Here Goes
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