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James Barrett / 10 Jan 3305
Message from a ghost (09/01/3305)

Deep Space
Pleiades Sector JH-V C2-14

"Incoming priority message" - announced Betty as James was just about to put the Discovery Scanner visor on. Betty. Of course it was COVAS, but somehow he preferred to call her the way fighter pilots used to call the primitive voice of their airplanes. Bitching Betty. Well, times have changed but one thing was still true: most of the information she passed on was not very pleasant.

"OK, put it on screen."

It was from doctor Cole back in Hind Mine.


We've received some news from Berthke Ring regarding the samples of Ms Hudson that you delivered. They have confirmed my analysis that her conditions has been caused by micro-organisms of an alien origin. However, they have never seen a similar case to this one. We have received some formulas for medications that could probably slow down the progress of Ms Hudson's illness, but we do not have an ultimate cure - for that we would need additional research.

I know this is not the kind of news you expected, but unfortunately this is what I have for you. I am attaching the medical data together with some suggestions forwarded by the scientists at Berthe Ring. We will do our best to keep Ms Hudson in the best possible condition, but my advice to you is to try and find a good laboratory and deliver them the data I just sent and some Thargoid Biological Matter for further tests.

Stay safe commander. I will keep you posted if there is anything new.


Dr J. Cole

James leaned back in his chair and took a deep breath. So there was hope... but there also was the ticking clock. He needed to get those samples at all costs. His mind was racing as he was trying to think of some people that had dealing with Thargoids before. Cmdr Filina maybe? Or DevilOnTheWall? Or perhaps the Winters Wolves? Some of the Members should know something... He was planning to get back to 41 Lambda Hydrae, properly thank Cmdr Veladarius for the rescue...

He looked outside as the bright sun of the system he was in and sighed. Then he picked up the Discovery Scan visor and ran the programme.

"Well I'll be damned... I'm sure there's plenty of Thargoid Biological Matter right before us, Betty. No need to look far..." - he muttered, looking at the results of his scan.

"Incoming priority message" - replied Betty. Barrett turned towards the console and brought it up.

"James? I hope you got this message. I need to talk to you, please meet me in Azeban City in Eranin. There are a lot of things we need to discus".

He looked at the name of the sender and his jaw dropped. He just got a message from a ghost.
Do you like it?

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