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ToXik-yogHurt / 10 Jan 3305
Tread the Stars - Ready, Set...

One small step...

I've studied my old texts, and begun mapping out which stars belonged to which constellations; cross-referencing star names/numbers and feeding this into my ship computer is turning out to be a little time consuming. Luckily it seems to accept the old catalogue numbers directly – even for systems with modern names.

The view out of the cockpit of this Asp is great. I do miss my Cobra's chair though. They're supposed to be standardised but I don't quite feel at home yet. I'm sure it will be fine once I get a few LY under my belt.

My poor Cobra; I had to get the engineers to rip out her frame shift drive to install it in this Asp. I couldn't afford to buy a new long-range drive. It was expensive enough for the first one. And it's not like I can fly two ships at once!

Anyway, I have decided – for no particular reason – to start my work by facing Sol relative "down" and working my way in a spiral "upwards". From nadir to zenith, heh. Thus, my mission begins at "Crux".

### Crux

I was born on Lave. This is the view from Lave. I knew that the stars were named by people from Earth, but I don't think I really understood that until now. Let me show you the view from Sol instead.

Oh. Cross. Duh. Well, and an extra star. Two, actually. The Acrux system is – apparantly – a binary. I've yet to visit, but I have these old records, if they can be trusted. The standard issue mostly-blank Universal Cartographics witchspace nav-charts have hardly any system information, they're just gravitational jump-charts. I never realised how lacking there were until I started looking outside my local trade range though.

As a nice bonus, it turns out you can actually get paid to bring back accurate system information! So I won't even be entirely left out of pocket by ignoring my trade runs for... however long this takes.

Let me just feed a few more stars in. I'm aiming for a cutoff of apparent magnitude 5. That seems about right. The above pictures are at magnitude 4.

Okay, well, the view from Lave was just a messy streak. But from Sol? Well... I have no idea... Some sort of backwards "f"?

Anyway, 950LY. That's some trip. At least, for me. The farthest I've been from home is, well, it's probably here in Sol!

Side note: Even with a system permit, the Feds won't let me land on Earth's moon. I got a stern telling off from my ship's systems when I tried a low-altitude flyby.
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