Logbook entry

Kira Von Black / 10 Jan 3305
Report on Nova Imperium (3005-01-10)

the sounds of blaster fire and conflict can be heard troughout all of Dyson City. it is an all out war.

what was a peacefull system became a literal warzone. i see lots and lots of ships from Yupini and Nova Imperium all over the place now. from what i heard both sides are employing mercenaries to fight on this conflict. upon entering Paresa, i was almost interdicted by an Yupini officer, that wanted my head for some unknown reason.
Dammit, i'm an Independent Pilot, not a Soldier.
it was not hard to put 2 and 2 togheter tho... because of my previous support for Nova Imperium, Yupini is pretty much angry with it. so... i guess the war draged me in, wheter i like it or not. of course i'll not be signing up officially... i'll be doing police work against pirates and logistic Support. but tbh, i know this will not be the last of it.

i must vent some steam: This war is based on a LIE. the Imperials Lied that Nova Imperium was amassing Ships, and now this mess of Mercenary people all over the place is filling Paresa. i can't stand both sides of it. one because of their isolationist tendencies... mister Hadrian, for the love of god, all you have to do is go on public, and tell the galaxy that you do not mean harm to them. and the other for beliving the lie. i don't know who is responsible for Yupini, but whoever it may be, you're being decieved. Nova Imperium has not the power you think they have. they are NOT a threat. seriously... we are in 3305, and in this day and age is unnaceptable that one Rumor cause a conflic like this. am i talking to a wall here?! Aisling,Lavigny and Hadrian are acting like children, and puting the safety of countless imperial citizens at risk. Billions, maybe Trillions will die because of this stupid rumor of "amassing forces", but oh no... MUH PRIDE... Seriously?! i thought you were better than this.

i was recieved personally by the Governor of Nova Imperium, and honestly, i can see why he is so preocupied, and happy to see a friendly face like me. it became a war for survival out here. and after Yupini gave me the worst first impression possible, i'm sure as hell don't want anything to do with them.

well... these times will be turbulent for sure. and i'm sure the Ealge 8000 will have plenty of targets... i just hope this doesn't spill out as an all out genocide of nova imperium officials. they're the weaker end of the stick for sure... i'll keep the galaxy informed.

Reporting from the Eye of the Storm,
Kira Von Black.
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