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Ren Solsen / 10 Jan 3305
SOLSEN Pre-expedition log

I’m CMDR Ren Solsen, an Elite trader, IDA agent and philanthropist born in Sol and based in Kachian. I’m joining the DW2 expedition as an explorer to collect as much galactic data as I can in order to build the codex of the upcoming Solsen Institute of Galactic Affairs (S.I.G.A.). This institute is our family legacy to the galaxy and worth the sacrifice of months in space without my wife and kids. With me will be only our pet Xiha monkey named Nadia.

I can't shake the feeling that something big is about to happen. Intelligence has warned the expedition that it could suffer attacks from mercenaries and raiders. Someone with power and credits is uneasy about our crossing and most likely isn't about our goal to build a station at the galactic core. It smells of something else. The mystery of what happened to Ms Knight and her entourage might have something to do with it, or not. The chess pieces are moving, the powers are getting ready to battle, the bugs are getting more nervous, research groups and engineers have reinforced their research teams...

Maybe isn't such a bad thing I will be away from the bubble. If something is out there to be found, nothing like the largest exploration fleet in history to find it. I'm ready and I will be there to help.

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10 Jan 3305
SOLSEN Pre-expedition log
Ren Solsen
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