Logbook entry

Char Azmodai / 10 Jan 3305
33050110: The Tale of Pirate Lord Doyler

Doyler was a pirate, through and through. He started as a street thief, picking pockets on the promenade, shoplifting. He moved onto drugs in his teenage years, and that's what got the attention of the Dragons of Baal. He eagerly joined them when they recruited him off the street. They taught him how to hot wire ships, fly, fight. Wanting to prove himself superior to other space pirates under the Dragons' banner, he sought out the biggest ship he could hijack. Fortune favored the bold, as he found someone's Federal Corvette parked on the surface of dead, dusty, uninhabited moon. He spotted a SRV several kilometers away driving around aimlessly as he landed his rickety Adder behind the much larger ship, not wanting to draw the owner's attention. It was simple enough to gain access to the Corvette through an emergency hatch, and soon enough he had run some bypasses and successfully started the ship's engines. The owner's SRV was speeding back toward the Corvette as the thrusters fired and lifted the ship off the ground. Not wanting to leave any loose ends, Doyler fired upon his Adder, destroying it in a single volley of laser fire, the blast sending the Corvette's former owner tumbling across the moon's surface. He brought the ship back to the Dragons of Baal and they made him a Pirate Lord for his accomplishment. Little did he know that the ship he stole was actually owned by an employee of Quiate Jet Legal Inc. Putting a bounty on his head wasn't enough to avenge the death of a loyal employee though. They put a kill order out against him, which was accepted by none other than Commander Char Azmodai. Every pirate in the Baal system knew or knew of Commander Char's reputation, including Doyler. He knew he was as good as dead. Rather than waste time trying to hide, waiting for doom to come, he decided to expedite the process and seek out the famous bounty hunter himself. He was in a Federal Corvette, after all. There was nothing that could stand against him. He forgot the dangers of jumping into a clean nav beacon as a pirate though. They were a haven for bounty hunters and assassins typically go to them first to scan the nav beacon, seeking their target, just as Char was doing the moment Doyler jumped in. Char's Krait Mk. II immediately began to open fire upon Doyler's Cutter as soon as he recognized the pirate - along with every bounty hunter patrolling around the nav beacon. Doyler fired back, but his weapons were barely making a dent against Char's shields, while his own were failing fast from the combined might of Char, the SLF he had launched from his ship, and the bounty hunters. The Corvette's reactor went critical less than a minute later. Doyler was dead.


Actually, I have no clue who the hell Doyler was, but I figured I'd make up a story for an entertaining log entry. Took a contract from Quiate Jet Legal Inc. to kill this nobody pirate lord. Jumped to Baal and scanned the nav beacon to begin my search. Nothing pops up. Weird. As I'm about to jump back into supercruise to use my DSS (which apparently can find specific ships now too), this Corvette jumps in right in front of me, almost scraping the paint off my ship. It's fucking Doyler. What kind of idiot pirate jumps into a nav beacon? I'm assuming he just wanted to get it over with and die because he heard I had taken the contract and was good as dead. He didn't last very long. Oh well, easy money for me.

After getting paid for that job, I returned to Jameson Memorial and finally officially retired my old Python. I have decided to outfit a Krait Phantom for the expedition, much to the relief and satisfaction of my crew. Transferred the core internals from the Stargazer over to it and got some work done at Jameson Base to decrease the mass of its life support and sensor modules to get it just barely at a 70ly jump range. 69.5 really, but once it burns off some fuel it'll break 70. Good enough. I have named the Phantom, Legacy of the Void. It is my tribute to the Void. She's got pretty much the same loadout that Stargazer had, but with an extra SRV and a repair limpet controller. Didn't bother with heat sinks this time. Heat's never been an issue on any of my journeys into the black, so I doubt it'll be any different this time. She runs well, despite scraping by on power supply. I'll have to get that worked on before it's go time. Three days left.
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