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Effie Trinket / 11 Jan 3305

So here I am again, up to my neck in grease and grime, fumbling behind bulkheads and breaking my nails trying to undo overly tightened nuts and bolts!

I get that upgrades to a ship are important and of course I always look forward to fitting new hardware, but when you fail to account for for Murphy’s Law, you are doomed to take twice as long over any task, even simple ones, like upgrading your gpu and monitors.

Wouldn’t you know it, my current monitor stand is too small/flimsy, to convincingly support the new screens! So that now leaves me stuck in dry dock until Saturday, whilst I build a new frame. The temptation is to wimp out and buy off the shelf, but then I discover the sexy ones are all out of stock! So, time to break out the table saw.

Now, whilst perhaps not exactly a typical past time for a girl who only wears heels, I do like messing around in the machine shop, making a mess, so tomorrow should be fun. Finger’s crossed that Murphy buggers off to annoy some other hapless pilot, so I can get on with it and get back out into the black and earn some money! The bank account’s looking a little light after fitting out the MKIV for mining!

Right then, time for bed said Zebedee.

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CMDR Effie Trinket
Special Agent / Courier
11 Jan 3305
Effie Trinket
06 Jan 3305
The search continues.....
Effie Trinket
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