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VGpunx / 11 Jan 3305
New Beginnings

It's been two weeks since I decided to join the Thargoid defense efforts. All those hours I spent outfitting and engineering the Overture are really starting to pay off. I may not like the Empire - I don't necessarily align with their ideals, but the Llanwyllin really pulled me through the first couple of weeks. I have to hand it to Gutamaya; they've made a fine ship in the Imperial Cutter. Just wish it didn't have that damned Imperial insignia plastered all over the hull and cockpit. I much prefer the Anaconda, I have to say - much easier to slip in and out of places without drawing so much attention.

These Guardian Gauss cannons are really something else. A few weeks ago I thought it anxiety-inducing to try and target the little Thargoid scouts, but now it's almost second nature. They seem like a fair match for the Overture and they're causing me to ponder swapping the Overture's primary weapon loadout to include a couple of lightweight rail guns. I have a couple on the Minuet, and I've even had some good luck hitting my targets with them. I wonder if I've gotten any better about that since I started fighting out here in Atlas.

I finally decided on a name for the Anaconda. After I got rid of the Llanwyllin A, I really missed flying her, so I ran cargo until I could afford another one, and this time she's kitted for our expedition out to Colonia, starting next week. I decided to continue following my musical naming convention and have dubbed her the "Nocturne". I thought it was fitting - a deep space expedition vessel named after a style of classical music which captures the essence of night. I'm honestly a little surprised the name hadn't occurred to me previously but I wasn't exactly following a naming convention back then.

With that said, I also got to work on my own private fighter. Sort of a hot rod, if you will. For a long time, I thought the Imperial Courier would be my choice vessel for this. It's got lots of shields and a very good boost speed but after flying it for some time, something just didn't feel right. I wasn't partial to the way the ship slid around corners. After I put into my Viper, I just can't go back. The ship is an absolute blast to fly and I find it a lot easier to stay on my target's tail. I named it the "Rondo". Has a nice ring to it.

Today I find myself helping with the Thargoid incursion at Bhagutsuk. Since I recently started supporting Canonn, I also started supporting AXI and have been digging around in their communities looking for some wingmates for the defense effort. Not much luck, however. Probably because I'm still green. I suppose I'm going to eventually need to make my presence known for a while. Never been very good at that sort of thing, but I suppose it can't be that bad.

I'll continue to help the anti-incursion efforts until we depart for Colonia, beginning January 20th, 3305. I'm excited to sit in the pilot's seat of the Nocturne. Here's hoping the Thargoids leave us a home to come back to. I'm sure everything will be fine without us. I'm leaving with every officer in the LFN. As usual, I've made sure to be prepared for anything that might happen. Repair limpets, refuel limpets... even a fighter bay. That, along with all the engineering I've put into the Nocturne, I'm confident we'll be ready for just about anything. I'll be keeping this new log to document our travels. Maybe even drop in some video feeds or pictures as I go.
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