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Kira Von Black / 11 Jan 3305
Paresa Region Pirate Behaviour Report

the war is still raging on on Paresa. this is the the 3rd day that i'm here on this system. i intend to be here untill the situation with Nova Imperium is Resolved. my bet is that it will take at least one week before i can get back to Sol.

i got some more strange behaviours in relation to Pirates to report: in one of my patrols a clearly low rank Pirate was using a high price ship. a Fer-De-Lance with state of the art weaponry... the problem is... that like my last logbook entry on this issue, he didn't put up a fight like he should. he did fire back, but in a way that was like he was doing it, just to say he was fighting.

i don't know man... i think those pirates are losing their minds. this war pressure is clearly not helping either... they are winning big money, more than i'm doing via indirect involvement of course, but i think that there is more to it than it seems... the patterns are the same even: no resistance, low firing, constant Ramming against a more powerfull ship... i have no idea what is going on, but my gut tells me that these behaviours and the war are related... who the heck knows at this point... it is like everyone is losing their minds... Yupini Limited Pirates are especially affected with this strange pattern... they act erratically... telling things without any sense... i engaged one, named Red Macgregor... the guy for one missed the Interdiction entirely... i did the same normal stuff a police officer must do... submit as a bait, and wait for him to come into view... but he didn't came for a good 2 or 3 minutes... prompting me to go into supercruise to look for him again. and when i did find him and gone out of supercruise, the strangest scene in my entire carrer of a galatic policeman has happened... he had killed... i dunno, a transport convoy or something... but rather than threatening me, like other pirates do...

he said: "i just want to live in peace".
i replied to him: sorry buddy... but there is no turning back for you after what you just did.
and the battle proceeded. but again... the same pattern... he didn't offered me any resistance at all... heck... he didn't even try to escape me.

seriously... what the hell is going on here?! is everyone on this star system going insane without noticing it?! this is creeping me out beyond words.

Nova Imperium Governor Milana Alvarado is happy with my services... but Honestly... my gut is screaming at me: there is something wrong with this... there is something wrong with this...


Turns out that i got to the bottom of the mistery... they are not Pirates... they are Deserters. someone is labeling them pirates on the briefing but their behaviours now starts to make sense to me... i accepted one mission to kill a deserter on Propouse and the patterns all makes sense... their will to not fight, their dodgy behaviours... Nova Imperium and Mother Gaia are After defectors. they are lying to commanders and labeling them as wanted criminals so there is no questions asked. This is a genocide in a coverup. and the governor will hear from me. i guarantee it. the methods employed by both sides are disgusting to the core. i am a pilot dammit... not a grimm reaper. i know they have criminal backgrounds, but this makes me upset. are they made up?! am i really killing civillians?!  this whole history is rotten to the core. and i know there will be more from where this came from. i cannot believe that they are resorting to such cowardice in the battlefield. if the soldiers have droped their weapons, there is no reason to kill them anymore. this is madness. how many laws and regulations are those Imperials breaking on this stupid war?!

for the time being, i will continue in the eye of the storm, bringing updates to the galactic community.
Reporting from Paresa, Kira Von Black
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