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Sirboulevard / 11 Jan 3305
For the Empire!

Commander's Log: Uh... computer autofill on tagging. It's late.

I got the news while I was still engaged in AX activities in the Pleiades. Nova Imperium. Those isolationist rebels have mustered a fleet in the Paresa system. Paresa. That's fairly remote in the Empire. I can't stand by and watch the Empire fall backward on its own sword. I still had commitments to hold to briefly with my Anti-Xeno activities. The Thargoids are the bigger threat after all. But I did my part late last night and even ranked up with the Pilot's Federation to Deadly. After months of being stalled on the combat front, I feel like I'm making headway to Elite finally.

Afterwards, I left my AX Krait at Agricola's Ascent and made my way back to the bubble, picking up the Shadow Wolf along the way. Or should I say the I.N.V. Shadow Wolf. Until Nova Imperium disperses, I will be functioning as a member of the Imperial Navy Reserve. I support the Emperor, and I support an Empire that is making a unified front with the other powers against the Thargoid menace. I have no ill will towards Hadrian Jansen (I'm not convinced he is a Duval until the Empire proper does a DNA test), he's clearly a puppet leader. Imperator Mordanticus is the real threat and we need to take him down.

They do have one point though: Where is Arissa? The Emperor needs to make her appearance known. And she definitely needs to name a next in line for the throne. Aisling has been waiting after all. Better to be safe than sorry.

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