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Riverweasel / 11 Jan 3305
Finally Some Real Ground

After a long three days of constant scanning and wishing I had bought one of those detailed surface scanners before I left on my months long voyage, I finally arrived at Kashyapa, the final stop on my way to Colonia, completing what many call the official initiation of any explorer worth their ship. Before coming in to Vihara Gate, I grabbed some materials from a few emissions I picked up, but could only get a few before my patience wore out. I want to feel some dirt underneath my paws, and some fucking company. My latest book of system scans netted me a stellar sixty million credits, so I had plenty to spare for the trip to the gorgeous planet the station orbited around. God, it was good to see something similar to home again. I think I might stay here for at least a few days, maybe a week plus. I could use some quality downtime and some good drinks.

Later in the evening:

Seems like there's going to be some collective activity starting up at the center of the galaxy soon, in order to build a research base for the incoming expedition. Been told it contains over a thousand ships and commanders from all over. That's incredible! I only heard of this from home last time it happened, about six years ago. I definitely think I'd be happy to help set up for them.
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CMDR Riverweasel
Explorer / Courier
21 Jan 3305
Arrival at Colonia
11 Jan 3305
Finally Some Real Ground
10 Jan 3305
Continuing Into the Void
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