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Kira Von Black / 11 Jan 3305
CMDR's Log: Flight check conversation with COVAS.

a woman's voice fills the cockpit:
"Mensagem Recebida" <Message Recieved>
it was Vitória, my COVAS. i was sleeping inside the hangar on the cockpit. i erected the chair, scratched my eyes and looked at the hud of the ship.
-Voiceread message. i've said in a monotone voice.

"Hello, Commander Kira Von Black. We received your message about the Wreck found at Olela. Unfortunately the server box of the aircraft found is damaged beyond repair. the data is corrupted, making reading impossible. we appreciate your valuable efforts, however, there is nothing else to do on this subject, unfortunately. any other situation, please inform us immediately.

Best Regards

Galactic Search and Rescue Services - Section FRNTR"

- "High Stress Levels Detected. Low Sleep Quality. Cafeinosis detected. Sugested Action: Sleep for one more hour." Vitória Shouted at me.

"you're starting to sound like my mother."  i've replied.  "set a course to Paresa. we're going back."

"Cannot Comply. Commander has not enough energy to endure the journey. Sugested Action: Eat Something, and try again."
- "Roger.... Roger... Jeez..." i've gone to the back of my ship and grabbed a small cup with instant noodles in it. i've boiled a bit of water and put on it, going back to the cockpit and eating the noodelss while writing the initial CMDR logs and flight tests before take off. once i ended the meal, i've siited again on the chair, and repeated: "set a course to Paresa."

"Acknowledged. Seting a Course to Paresa. High levels of Salt in the blood detected. i suggest you drink some water, commander."
"i will..." i've said.

there was this ackward silence for some 30 seconds while the flight checks were being performed, untill Victoria finally had the courage to ask me:
"are you worried with Hadrian Duval?!"
"i'd be lying if i said no. i don't know anymore."
"Sugested Action: Join Nova Imperium Officially."
"out of question, Vicky. someone must take a part as an overseer. if i pick i side, i'll be going biased."
"are you worried with Lavingy and Aisling Duval?!"
"Sugested Action: Join Yupini Limite Officially"
"i'm worried with both of them, vicky."
"Situation Contradictory. Please Clarify, Commander"
"i think both sides are wrong. Hadrian and Lavingy are abscent. the war is raging and millions are dying for a lie."
"Sugested Action: Return to Sol"
"not yet, Vicky. i need to see both of them with my on eyes. Galnet was making a storm in a cup of water, proping Hadrians Inexistent Fleet like he had some sort of super army or something. everyone is being decieved here..."
"cannot compute a solution for your predicament. sorry commander."
"i wish i could, vicky... i wish i could..."
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CMDR Kira Von Black
Enforcer / Courier
13 Jan 3305
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Kira Von Black
11 Jan 3305
Wreckage Found!!!
Kira Von Black
11 Jan 3305
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Kira Von Black
10 Jan 3305
Report on Nova Imperium (3005-01-10)
Kira Von Black
06 Jan 3305
Report on Nova Imperium
Kira Von Black
06 Jan 3305
Past experiences Up to this point
Kira Von Black
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