Logbook entry

Anton Kring / 11 Jan 3305
Jump to Pallaeni

I just jumped to Pallaeni in preparation for Distant Worlds 2. To be honest I knew that griefers would be there, but I went anyway. I wanted to test my Type 9 Heavy ship for Distant Worlds 2 and its eventual mining Community Goal. Sure enough my ship was greeted with an interdiction and a heavy round of fire by a wing of two Imperial Clippers (I believe they were). I had to use two heatsinks to high-wake with shields still holding at one solid ring. No damage. I did notice something odd. There was a thermal attack that affected my FSD, which shut itself down while charging. It's a good thing that I exposed myself to this today. I would not have learned about this otherwise.

On the second attempt I pointed my ass to the star while it was showing red in my radar and throttled all the way down soon after. It took a little but I got interdicted by a single Imperial Cutter. He also cast a fireball spell, but I managed to escape again, this time with two solid rings of shield. I had disabled a lot of non-essential modules in my ship in order to make it run cooler, which allowed me to use a single heatsink to boost and get away.

I went to a station and my ship was fine. There was only ten credits in damage to repair, but everything was showing up at 100%.

On the third and last try I wrestled away from the star and burned towards the void, then I managed to land on a moon and log off. Pallaeni is hell today, but I did survive two gank attempts by seemingly well-prepared players. My confidence in my ability to survive the Community Goal in this expedition increased slightly.
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